Learn 20 Expressions Related to Loyalty

Loyalty, a steadfast and valued quality, often features in both our personal conversations and professional communications. It’s woven into numerous idiomatic expressions and phrases that convey commitment, reliability, and faithfulness. Understanding these expressions can enrich our dialogue and help us express loyalty more vividly. Here are 20 expressions related to loyalty, complete with meanings and succinct examples to illustrate their usage in everyday language.

Expressions Related to Loyalty

1. True blue

Meaning: Completely loyal.

Example: She is true blue to her friends.

2. Thick and thin

Meaning: Support in all situations, good or bad.

Example: He stood by me through thick and thin.

3. Loyal to the core

Meaning: Extremely loyal.

Example: His team is loyal to the core.

4. Ride or die

Meaning: Willing to support someone at all costs.

Example: She’s my ride or die friend.

5. Stand by someone

Meaning: Remain loyal to someone in difficult times.

Example: He always stands by his family.

6. Swear allegiance

Meaning: Promise to remain loyal.

Example: The knights swore allegiance to the king.

7. Stick with

Meaning: Continue to support or be loyal to.

Example: I’ll stick with you whatever happens.

8. Loyal to a fault

Meaning: Being loyal to someone even when it’s to one’s disadvantage.

Example: He is loyal to a fault to his employer.

9. Blind loyalty

Meaning: Loyalty without questioning.

Example: Blind loyalty can sometimes lead to problems.

10. Pledge loyalty

Meaning: Formally promise loyalty.

Example: They pledged loyalty to the new leader.

11. Keep faith

Meaning: Maintain trust and belief in someone.

Example: She kept faith in him despite the rumors.

12. Blood is thicker than water

Meaning: Family loyalty is stronger than other relationships.

Example: He always says, “Blood is thicker than water.”

13. In someone’s corner

Meaning: Supportive of someone.

Example: No matter what, I’m in your corner.

14. Without a second thought

Meaning: Help someone immediately and without hesitation.

Example: He’d help you without a second thought.

15. Go to bat for

Meaning: Defend someone or something.

Example: She will always go to bat for her team.

16. On someone’s side

Meaning: Supportive of someone’s views or aims.

Example: Don’t worry, I’m on your side.

17. Faithful to the end

Meaning: Remain loyal until the very end.

Example: He was faithful to the end to his cause.

18. Salt of the earth

Meaning: Dependable and unpretentious loyalty.

Example: Those volunteers are the salt of the earth.

19. Take someone at their word

Meaning: Trust what someone says.

Example: I take him at his word because he’s honest.

20. Never turn one’s back on

Meaning: Never betray or abandon.

Example: She’d never turn her back on a friend.

Expressions Related to Loyalty