Learn 20 Expressions Related to Weakness

Understanding and using expressions related to weakness can enhance your English communication skills. These expressions are commonly used to describe situations, people, or conditions that lack strength or power. By learning these expressions, you can convey your thoughts more precisely and effectively in various contexts.

1. Throw in the towel

Meaning: Give up
Example: He threw in the towel after many failures.

2. At the end of one’s rope

Meaning: Out of patience
Example: She’s at the end of her rope with this job.

3. On the ropes

Meaning: In trouble
Example: The company is on the ropes financially.

4. Go to pieces

Meaning: Lose control
Example: She went to pieces after the bad news.

5. Crack under pressure

Meaning: Fail under stress
Example: He cracked under pressure during the exam.

6. Bend under the weight

Meaning: Struggle with burden
Example: He bent under the weight of responsibilities.

7. Fall apart

Meaning: Become ineffective
Example: The team fell apart in the second half.

8. Have feet of clay

Meaning: Have a weakness
Example: The hero had feet of clay in the end.

9. Be a pushover

Meaning: Easily influenced
Example: He’s such a pushover at negotiations.

10. Spineless

Meaning: Lacking courage
Example: He was too spineless to confront her.

11. Lose one’s grip

Meaning: Lose control
Example: She’s losing her grip on the project.

12. Chicken out

Meaning: Back out
Example: He chickened out of the challenge last minute.

13. Wither away

Meaning: Gradually weaken
Example: His strength withered away with illness.

14. A soft touch

Meaning: Easily persuaded
Example: She’s a soft touch for sob stories.

15. Drop the ball

Meaning: Fail to act
Example: He dropped the ball on the deadline.

16. Hang by a thread

Meaning: In a fragile state
Example: His health is hanging by a thread.

17. Come apart at the seams

Meaning: Fail completely
Example: The plan came apart at the seams.

18. Be down and out

Meaning: Lacking resources
Example: He was down and out after losing his job.

19. Give way

Meaning: Collapse under strain
Example: The old bridge gave way during the storm.

20. Fall flat

Meaning: Fail completely
Example: His joke fell flat with the audience.

Expressions Related to Weakness