Learn 20 Expressions Related to Confusion

Confusion is a common feeling, and expressing it effectively in English can be quite challenging. To help you navigate these moments, we’ve compiled 20 expressions related to confusion. These idioms and phrasal verbs will enrich your vocabulary and make your conversations more vivid.

1. At a Loss

Meaning: Unsure, puzzled.
Example: I’m at a loss for words.

2. Up in the Air

Meaning: Unsettled, undecided.
Example: Our plans are still up in the air.

3. In the Dark

Meaning: Uninformed, unaware.
Example: I’m in the dark about his plans.

4. Out of the Loop

Meaning: Not informed.
Example: I’m out of the loop on this project.

5. Clear as Mud

Meaning: Not clear, confusing.
Example: His explanation was clear as mud.

6. Lost the Plot

Meaning: Confused, disoriented.
Example: He seems to have lost the plot.

7. Mixed Up

Meaning: Confused, bewildered.
Example: I’m all mixed up about this.

8. Out of One’s Depth

Meaning: Overwhelmed, unable to cope.
Example: She’s out of her depth in this job.

9. Go Round in Circles

Meaning: Be confused, unproductive.
Example: We are going round in circles here.

10. All Over the Place

Meaning: Disorganized, confused.
Example: His ideas are all over the place.

11. Can’t Make Heads or Tails Of

Meaning: Can’t understand.
Example: I can’t make heads or tails of this map.

12. Throw Someone for a Loop

Meaning: Surprise, confuse.
Example: His question threw me for a loop.

13. Blow One’s Mind

Meaning: Overwhelm, confuse.
Example: The news blew my mind.

14. Foggy About

Meaning: Unclear, confused.
Example: I’m still foggy about the details.

15. Muddy the Waters

Meaning: Make things confusing.
Example: His comments only muddied the waters.

16. Have One’s Wires Crossed

Meaning: Misunderstand, confuse.
Example: We must have our wires crossed.

17. Lost in Translation

Meaning: Meaning misunderstood.
Example: The joke was lost in translation.

18. Mind-Boggled

Meaning: Overwhelmed, confused.
Example: The complexity left me mind-boggled.

19. In a Fog

Meaning: Confused, dazed.
Example: I’m in a fog this morning.

20. Baffle

Meaning: Confuse, puzzle.
Example: His behavior completely baffles me.

Expressions Related to Confusion