Learn 20 Expressions Related to Balance

Achieving balance is crucial in every facet of life. This post explores 20 expressions that encapsulate the concept of balance, providing insights and examples to enhance your understanding and application of this fundamental principle.

1. Tip the scales

Meaning: Slightly alter a situation
Example: Her argument tipped the scales in her favor.

2. Hold the balance

Meaning: Maintain equilibrium
Example: He holds the balance perfectly between work and play.

3. Strike a balance

Meaning: Find a compromise
Example: You must strike a balance between speed and accuracy.

4. Hang in the balance

Meaning: Uncertain outcome
Example: The decision now hangs in the balance.

5. Upset the apple cart

Meaning: Disturb the status quo
Example: His sudden resignation upset the apple cart.

6. Weigh one’s options

Meaning: Consider different choices
Example: She weighed her options carefully before deciding.

7. Even out the odds

Meaning: Balance chances
Example: They changed the rules to even out the odds.

8. On an even keel

Meaning: Stable and balanced
Example: He kept the project on an even keel despite setbacks.

9. Throw off balance

Meaning: Cause to become unstable
Example: The news threw her off balance.

10. Keep the balance

Meaning: Maintain stability
Example: He keeps the balance in discussions.

11. Swing the pendulum

Meaning: Cause a change of opinion
Example: His speech swung the pendulum among voters.

12. Tilt the balance

Meaning: Tip slightly in a direction
Example: Their support tilted the balance in our favor.

13. Balance the books

Meaning: Ensure financial equilibrium
Example: It’s time to balance the books for this quarter.

14. Level the playing field

Meaning: Ensure equality
Example: The new policy levels the playing field for all.

15. Counterbalance

Meaning: Offset or oppose
Example: He used humor to counterbalance the tension.

16. Juggle

Meaning: Manage multiple tasks
Example: She juggles family life and her career skillfully.

17. Bridge the gap

Meaning: Reduce the difference
Example: They introduced bonuses to bridge the gap.

18. Find middle ground

Meaning: Reach a compromise
Example: They found middle ground on the budget issues.

19. Steady the ship

Meaning: Restore stability
Example: The new manager steadied the ship after the scandal.

20. Tip the balance

Meaning: Slightly alter the equilibrium
Example: His expertise tipped the balance towards success.

Expressions Related to Balance