Learn 20 Expressions Related to Oversight

Oversight is an essential function in any organization, ensuring that rules are followed and standards are maintained. However, the concept also permeates everyday life and conversation, where numerous expressions highlight the importance of supervision, mistakes, or neglect. In this blog post, we explore 20 common expressions related to oversight. These phrases will help you articulate scenarios involving supervision or the lack thereof, whether in professional settings or daily interactions.

Expressions Related to Oversight

1. Slip Through the Cracks

Meaning: To be overlooked or missed.

Example: Some errors slipped through the cracks during the audit.

2. Fall on Deaf Ears

Meaning: To be ignored or not listened to.

Example: His complaints about oversight fell on deaf ears.

3. Turn a Blind Eye

Meaning: To ignore something deliberately.

Example: The manager turned a blind eye to the misconduct.

4. Keep an Eye On

Meaning: To watch or monitor carefully.

Example: Keep an eye on the new trainees.

5. Overlook

Meaning: To fail to notice something.

Example: She overlooked a critical detail in the contract.

6. Under the Radar

Meaning: Not detected or noticed.

Example: The project flew under the radar for months.

7. Keep Tabs On

Meaning: To monitor someone’s activities or a situation closely.

Example: He kept tabs on the budget expenditures.

8. Watch Over

Meaning: To guard or supervise.

Example: She watches over the team’s progress.

9. Look the Other Way

Meaning: To ignore something wrong or illegal intentionally.

Example: They looked the other way when the rules were broken.

10. Miss the Boat

Meaning: To miss an opportunity because of slow response or not paying attention.

Example: He missed the boat on that investment.

11. Drop the Ball

Meaning: To make a mistake or fail at a responsibility.

Example: He dropped the ball on that project deadline.

12. In the Dark

Meaning: Uninformed or unaware.

Example: They kept her in the dark about the changes.

13. Leave Unchecked

Meaning: Not monitored or controlled.

Example: Problems left unchecked tend to worsen.

14. Out of the Loop

Meaning: Not informed or included in communication.

Example: I was out of the loop about the meeting.

15. Turn the Blind Eye

Meaning: To ignore deliberately, similar to “turn a blind eye”.

Example: She turned the blind eye to the errors in the report.

16. Fly Under the Radar

Meaning: To go unnoticed or undetected.

Example: The issue flew under the radar until it was too late.

17. Give Carte Blanche

Meaning: To allow full discretionary power.

Example: He was given carte blanche over the project.

18. Sweep Under the Rug

Meaning: To hide or ignore a problem or information deliberately.

Example: They swept the incident under the rug.

19. Pass the Buck

Meaning: To shift responsibility to someone else.

Example: He always tries to pass the buck when there’s a problem.

20. Leave No Stone Unturned

Meaning: To look everywhere; miss nothing in a search.

Example: The review was thorough, leaving no stone unturned.Expressions Related to Oversight