Learn 20 Expressions Related to Followership

In leadership discourse, much emphasis is placed on how to lead effectively. However, the art of followership, or how one supports and enhances a leader’s vision, is equally vital. This post explores twenty expressions that encapsulate the essence of followership, offering a quick insight into this often-overlooked aspect of team dynamics.

1. Fall in line

Meaning: Obey or follow commands
Example: Everyone must fall in line during the emergency drill.

2. Toe the line

Meaning: Conform to a rule
Example: She toed the line to avoid any conflicts at work.

3. Follow suit

Meaning: Do as someone else did
Example: He followed suit after seeing his supervisor’s dedication.

4. Play second fiddle

Meaning: Be subordinate
Example: She’s content playing second fiddle to her capable boss.

5. Bend over backwards

Meaning: Try very hard
Example: He bent over backwards to please his new manager.

6. Go with the flow

Meaning: Accept and follow others’ lead
Example: During the meeting, it’s better to just go with the flow.

7. Keep in step

Meaning: Maintain the pace with others
Example: He keeps in step with the team’s progress.

8. Sing from the same hymn sheet

Meaning: Express similar opinions
Example: We must sing from the same hymn sheet in the presentation.

9. Back someone up

Meaning: Support someone
Example: Always back your team leader up during projects.

10. Throw one’s weight behind

Meaning: Support fully
Example: She threw her weight behind the new policy change.

11. Fall into step

Meaning: Start working or walking in rhythm
Example: They quickly fell into step with the project’s demands.

12. Take the cue

Meaning: Follow the lead or hint
Example: He took the cue when his boss praised innovation.

13. Stand behind someone

Meaning: Support someone
Example: Our department stands behind the director’s decision.

14. March to the beat of someone’s drum

Meaning: Follow someone’s guidance
Example: He marches to the beat of his mentor’s drum.

15. Pull together

Meaning: Work closely to achieve something
Example: It’s crucial we pull together to meet the deadline.

16. Get in line

Meaning: Conform to expectations
Example: You need to get in line with the company’s policies.

17. Hold the fort

Meaning: Manage things in someone’s absence
Example: He’s holding the fort while the manager is away.

18. Make tracks

Meaning: Follow a path or route
Example: After the briefing, everyone made tracks to their stations.

19. Toe the mark

Meaning: Meet required standards
Example: As an intern, she learned to quickly toe the mark.

20. Rally around

Meaning: Come together to support
Example: The team rallied around the leader during the crisis.

Expressions Related to Followership