Learn 20 Expressions Related to Rights

Understanding expressions related to rights is essential for navigating discussions about law, ethics, and social issues. This blog post will help you learn 20 useful expressions, each with a brief meaning and an example sentence, to enhance your comprehension and communication skills in these areas.

1. Stand up for

Meaning: Defend one’s rights
Example: She stood up for her rights in court.

2. Speak out against

Meaning: Publicly oppose
Example: They spoke out against the unfair policy.

3. Fight for

Meaning: Strive to achieve
Example: He fought for his right to education.

4. Stand one’s ground

Meaning: Maintain one’s position
Example: She stood her ground in the debate.

5. Advocate for

Meaning: Support publicly
Example: He advocated for human rights reforms.

6. Push for

Meaning: Demand strongly
Example: They pushed for equal pay rights.

7. Lay claim to

Meaning: Assert ownership
Example: She laid claim to her inheritance rights.

8. Stand firm

Meaning: Refuse to change
Example: He stood firm on his stance about voting rights.

9. Hold accountable

Meaning: Ensure responsibility
Example: The community held the company accountable for its actions.

10. Stand up to

Meaning: Resist authority
Example: He stood up to the oppressive regime.

11. Speak up for

Meaning: Defend vocally
Example: She spoke up for the marginalized groups.

12. Fight against

Meaning: Oppose actively
Example: They fought against the discriminatory laws.

13. Assert one’s rights

Meaning: Declare firmly
Example: She asserted her rights during the negotiation.

14. Take a stand

Meaning: Adopt a position
Example: He took a stand on environmental rights.

15. Stand in solidarity

Meaning: Support collectively
Example: They stood in solidarity with the protestors.

16. Hold up

Meaning: Support or defend
Example: She held up her right to freedom.

17. Stand against

Meaning: Oppose openly
Example: They stood against the violation of rights.

18. Speak up

Meaning: Express one’s opinion
Example: He spoke up for justice and equality.

19. Stick up for

Meaning: Defend against criticism
Example: She stuck up for her friend’s rights.

20. Put one’s foot down

Meaning: Insist firmly
Example: He put his foot down on the issue of fair wages.

expressions related to Rights