Learn 20 Expressions Related to Fortune

Fortune plays a pivotal role in many aspects of life, influencing everything from business success to personal happiness. Throughout history, various cultures have developed expressions to talk about luck, destiny, and fortune. In this blog post, we explore 20 popular expressions related to fortune. Each idiom offers a unique perspective on fate and success, complete with meanings and concise examples to help you understand and perhaps even use these phrases in your daily conversation.

Expressions Related to Fortune

1. Born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth

Meaning: Born into a wealthy and privileged family.

Example: He’s never worried about money, clearly born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

2. Strike it rich

Meaning: To suddenly become very wealthy.

Example: He struck it rich after his app went viral.

3. Hit the jackpot

Meaning: To have great success, especially in making money.

Example: She hit the jackpot with her new novel.

4. Luck of the draw

Meaning: Outcome determined by chance.

Example: Winning the lottery is purely the luck of the draw.

5. Fortune smiles on someone

Meaning: To be lucky or suddenly successful.

Example: Fortune smiled on us when we found that rare painting at the flea market.

6. Make a killing

Meaning: Earn a lot of money quickly.

Example: He made a killing in the stock market last year.

7. As luck would have it

Meaning: By chance.

Example: As luck would have it, I bumped into my old college roommate at the airport.

8. On a roll

Meaning: Experiencing a period of success or good luck.

Example: She’s on a roll with her recent project wins.

9. Roll the dice

Meaning: Take a risk.

Example: We decided to roll the dice and invest in the startup.

10. Lady Luck

Meaning: A personification of luck.

Example: Lady Luck was on his side during the poker game.

11. A stroke of luck

Meaning: A sudden instance of good luck.

Example: Finding that last concert ticket was a stroke of luck.

12. Fortune favors the bold

Meaning: People who take risks are often successful.

Example: He expanded his company during the recession, believing fortune favors the bold.

13. Bad luck comes in threes

Meaning: Misfortunes or unlucky events often come in groups of three.

Example: After losing his keys and breaking his phone, he joked, “Bad luck comes in threes.”

14. Beginner’s luck

Meaning: Good results from someone new to an activity.

Example: She won her first chess game—definitely beginner’s luck.

15. Down on one’s luck

Meaning: Experiencing a period of bad luck.

Example: He’s been down on his luck since the company closed.

16. Lucky break

Meaning: An unexpected event that brings good fortune.

Example: His lucky break came when he was offered a lead role in the play.

17. Lucky charm

Meaning: An object believed to bring good luck.

Example: She never runs a race without her lucky charm.

18. Luck runs out

Meaning: To no longer have good luck.

Example: His luck ran out when he finally lost a match.

19. Fortune teller

Meaning: A person who claims to predict future events.

Example: They visited a fortune teller who predicted a prosperous year.

20. Against all odds

Meaning: Despite very low probability; in a surprising way.

Example: Against all odds, he recovered fully from his illness.

Expressions Related to Fortune