Learn 20 Expressions Related to Change

Change is a constant in life, impacting every aspect of our existence. Understanding how to discuss and adapt to these shifts is crucial. This blog post explores 20 expressions that encapsulate various aspects of change, enhancing your linguistic arsenal.

1. Turn over a new leaf

Meaning: Start anew
Example: He turned over a new leaf after moving to New York.

2. Shake things up

Meaning: Introduce changes
Example: She really shook things up in her new role.

3. Break new ground

Meaning: Do something innovative
Example: Their research broke new ground in genetics.

4. Move the goalposts

Meaning: Change the rules
Example: They moved the goalposts just as we were winning.

5. Shift gears

Meaning: Change approach
Example: We need to shift gears to improve our results.

6. Turn the corner

Meaning: Pass a critical point
Example: Our project turned the corner with the new manager.

7. Change tack

Meaning: Alter approach
Example: We changed tack to focus on sustainability.

8. Go through a phase

Meaning: Experience a temporary change
Example: He’s just going through a phase right now.

9. Make waves

Meaning: Cause significant change
Example: Her speech made waves across the industry.

10. Reinvent the wheel

Meaning: Innovate redundantly
Example: We don’t need to reinvent the wheel here.

11. Start from scratch

Meaning: Begin anew
Example: We started from scratch after the fire.

12. Throw a curveball

Meaning: Introduce a surprising change
Example: The new policy really threw us a curveball.

13. Turn the tables

Meaning: Reverse positions
Example: They turned the tables in the second half.

14. Upend the status quo

Meaning: Disrupt the current state
Example: The election upended the status quo.

15. Rock the boat

Meaning: Disturb the existing situation
Example: He’s always rocking the boat with wild ideas.

16. Cross the Rubicon

Meaning: Pass a point of no return
Example: She crossed the Rubicon with that decision.

17. Push the envelope

Meaning: Extend current limits
Example: He’s always pushing the envelope in design.

18. Back to square one

Meaning: Return to the start
Example: It’s back to square one with this project.

19. Blaze a trail

Meaning: Innovate or pioneer
Example: She blazed a trail for other women in science.

20. Change of heart

Meaning: Alter opinion or feelings
Example: He had a change of heart about selling the house.

Expressions Related to Change