Learn 20 Expressions Related to Waste

Learning expressions related to waste can enhance your English vocabulary and help you communicate more effectively. These expressions are commonly used in everyday conversations and can convey various aspects of wastefulness. Here are 20 expressions that will make your language richer and more expressive.

Expressions Related to Waste

1. Throw away

Meaning: Discard
Example: Don’t throw away that old book.

2. Go to waste

Meaning: Be unused
Example: The food went to waste at the party.

3. Waste not, want not

Meaning: Save, don’t waste
Example: My grandmother always said, “Waste not, want not.”

4. Time-wasting

Meaning: Inefficient use of time
Example: This meeting is just time-wasting.

5. Money down the drain

Meaning: Wasted money
Example: Buying that gadget was money down the drain.

6. Pour money down the drain

Meaning: Spend wastefully
Example: He poured money down the drain on that car.

7. Throw money around

Meaning: Spend recklessly
Example: He throws money around like it’s nothing.

8. Burn money

Meaning: Spend wastefully
Example: They are just burning money on unnecessary luxuries.

9. Squander

Meaning: Waste recklessly
Example: He squandered his inheritance on gambling.

10. Fritter away

Meaning: Waste bit by bit
Example: She fritters away her time on social media.

11. Go to waste

Meaning: Be unused
Example: Don’t let your talents go to waste.

12. Waste one’s breath

Meaning: Speak in vain
Example: You’re wasting your breath arguing with him.

13. Throw good money after bad

Meaning: Waste more money
Example: Fixing that old car is throwing good money after bad.

14. Waste of space

Meaning: Useless
Example: This broken machine is a waste of space.

15. Waste one’s time

Meaning: Be unproductive
Example: You’re wasting your time on that project.

16. Go down the drain

Meaning: Be wasted
Example: All his efforts went down the drain.

17. Wild goose chase

Meaning: Futile search
Example: That job hunt was a wild goose chase.

18. Beat a dead horse

Meaning: Waste effort
Example: Arguing with him is beating a dead horse.

19. Miss the boat

Meaning: Miss an opportunity
Example: He missed the boat on that investment.

20. Waste away

Meaning: Become thin and weak
Example: He started to waste away after the illness.

Expressions Related to Waste