Learn 20 Expressions Related to Sadness

Feeling sad is a universal emotion, and there are many expressions in English that capture this feeling. Learning these idioms and phrasal verbs can help you express sadness more accurately and understand others better. Here are 20 expressions related to sadness, each with a brief meaning and an example sentence.

1. Down in the dumps

Meaning: Feeling very sad
Example: She’s been down in the dumps lately.

2. Feeling blue

Meaning: Feeling sad or depressed
Example: I’ve been feeling blue all week.

3. Heartbroken

Meaning: Deeply saddened
Example: He was heartbroken after the breakup.

4. Tear up

Meaning: Start to cry
Example: She teared up during the sad movie.

5. Break down

Meaning: Start crying uncontrollably
Example: He broke down after hearing the news.

6. Choked up

Meaning: Struggle to speak due to sadness
Example: She got choked up at the funeral.

7. Cast down

Meaning: Feel discouraged
Example: He was cast down by the failure.

8. Heavy-hearted

Meaning: Feeling deeply sad
Example: She felt heavy-hearted after the loss.

9. Cry one’s eyes out

Meaning: Cry intensely
Example: She cried her eyes out after the movie.

10. In low spirits

Meaning: Feeling sad
Example: He’s been in low spirits all day.

11. Lump in the throat

Meaning: Feeling emotional and about to cry
Example: I got a lump in my throat hearing the story.

12. Have the blues

Meaning: Feeling sad or depressed
Example: He’s got the blues this morning.

13. Downhearted

Meaning: Feeling very sad
Example: She felt downhearted after the bad news.

14. Cry over spilled milk

Meaning: Regret something that cannot be changed
Example: No use crying over spilled milk now.

15. Feel low

Meaning: Feeling sad
Example: I’ve been feeling low all day.

16. Broken-hearted

Meaning: Deeply sad
Example: She was broken-hearted after he left.

17. Shed tears

Meaning: Cry
Example: He shed tears at the funeral.

18. Let down

Meaning: Feel disappointed
Example: She felt let down by her friends.

19. Gutted

Meaning: Extremely disappointed
Example: He was gutted when he failed the test.

20. Feel miserable

Meaning: Feeling very sad
Example: She’s been feeling miserable since the accident.

Expressions Related to Sadness