Learn 20 Expressions Related to Faith

Faith plays a profound role in many aspects of life, influencing decisions, providing comfort, and shaping viewpoints. It’s a theme deeply embedded in language through various expressions that capture the essence of belief and trust. In this blog post, we explore 20 expressions related to faith, delving into their meanings and illustrating them with succinct examples. These phrases will enrich your understanding of how faith permeates everyday language and conversation.

Expressions Related to Faith

1. Leap of faith

Meaning: Acting without full knowledge, trusting the outcome.

Example: He took a leap of faith and started his business.

2. Blind faith

Meaning: Belief without true understanding or evidence.

Example: She followed the guru with blind faith.

3. Keep the faith

Meaning: Continue to believe or trust in spite of challenges.

Example: No matter what, you must keep the faith.

4. Act of faith

Meaning: Something done with strong belief in the results.

Example: Attending the interview was an act of faith.

5. Faith moves mountains

Meaning: Strong belief can achieve the impossible.

Example: He proved that faith moves mountains by overcoming his illness.

6. In good faith

Meaning: Done with honest intention.

Example: The agreement was made in good faith.

7. Bad faith

Meaning: Intent to deceive or betray trust.

Example: The deal was done in bad faith.

8. Faith healing

Meaning: Curing illness through belief and prayer instead of medicine.

Example: They attended a faith healing session.

9. Lose faith

Meaning: To stop believing in something.

Example: He lost faith in the system.

10. Test of faith

Meaning: A situation that challenges one’s beliefs.

Example: The disaster was a real test of faith.

11. Break faith

Meaning: To violate a promise or agreement.

Example: He broke faith with his colleagues.

12. Faith-based

Meaning: Associated with religious beliefs.

Example: She works for a faith-based organization.

13. Restore one’s faith

Meaning: To regain belief in something.

Example: The community’s kindness restored her faith in humanity.

14. True to one’s faith

Meaning: Remaining loyal to one’s belief system.

Example: He remains true to his faith despite the criticism.

15. Against all odds

Meaning: To succeed despite very low probability.

Example: They won the championship against all odds.

16. A matter of faith

Meaning: Something that depends on belief rather than fact.

Example: For him, visiting the shrine is a matter of faith.

17. Living on a prayer

Meaning: Relying on hope and faith to get through hard times.

Example: They were living on a prayer after losing their jobs.

18. The benefit of the doubt

Meaning: Trusting someone’s word without proof.

Example: I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt this time.

19. Blind trust

Meaning: Trusting someone completely without needing evidence.

Example: She placed blind trust in her financial advisor.

20. Walk by faith, not by sight

Meaning: Relying on one’s spiritual conviction rather than tangible evidence.

Example: They decided to walk by faith, not by sight, through their troubles.Expressions Related to Faith