Learn 20 Expressions Related to Cowardice

Cowardice is often seen as a lack of bravery or the inability to face danger, difficulty, or pain. In everyday language, various expressions vividly describe this concept. Here are 20 expressions related to cowardice, each with a short meaning and an example sentence to help you understand and use them effectively.

Expressions Related to Cowardice

1. Chicken Out

Meaning: Avoid doing something.

Example: He chickened out at the last minute.

2. Lose One’s Nerve

Meaning: Become afraid.

Example: She lost her nerve before the speech.

3. Turn Tail

Meaning: Run away.

Example: They turned tail when they saw the dog.

4. Yellow-Bellied

Meaning: Very cowardly.

Example: Don’t be yellow-bellied and face your fears.

5. Run for Cover

Meaning: Seek safety.

Example: The kids ran for cover during the storm.

6. Back Down

Meaning: Withdraw a claim.

Example: He backed down when confronted.

7. Lose Heart

Meaning: Become discouraged.

Example: She lost heart after the first failure.

8. Throw in the Towel

Meaning: Give up.

Example: He threw in the towel during the race.

9. Run Scared

Meaning: Act out of fear.

Example: They ran scared when they heard the noise.

10. Quake in One’s Boots

Meaning: Be very scared.

Example: He was quaking in his boots before the exam.

11. Hide One’s Head in the Sand

Meaning: Ignore danger.

Example: Don’t hide your head in the sand, face it.

12. Shake Like a Leaf

Meaning: Tremble with fear.

Example: She was shaking like a leaf on stage.

13. Bail Out

Meaning: Abandon a situation.

Example: He bailed out of the project last minute.

14. Turn Craven

Meaning: Become cowardly.

Example: He turned craven and didn’t confront the issue.

15. Cut and Run

Meaning: Flee suddenly.

Example: They cut and ran when trouble started.

16. Lose One’s Cool

Meaning: Panic.

Example: She lost her cool during the emergency.

17. With Tail Between Legs

Meaning: Feeling ashamed.

Example: He left with his tail between his legs.

18. Be a Chicken

Meaning: Be cowardly.

Example: Don’t be a chicken, go talk to her.

19. Eat Crow

Meaning: Admit defeat.

Example: He had to eat crow after losing the bet.

20. Run Away with One’s Tail Between One’s Legs

Meaning: Retreat shamefully.

Example: They ran away with their tails between their legs.

Expressions Related to Cowardice