Learn 20 Expressions Related to Obscurity

Obscurity isn’t just about being hidden; it’s a rich thematic element in language that expresses the idea of being unclear, unknown, or hard to understand. From poetry to everyday conversation, these expressions offer a way to describe the vagueness or mystery of an object, person, or concept. In this blog post, we delve into 20 expressions related to obscurity, providing you with concise meanings and examples to help you grasp and use these phrases effectively.

Expressions Related to Obscurity

1. Out of the limelight

Meaning: No longer receiving public attention.

Example: After his scandal, he stayed out of the limelight.

2. Fade into obscurity

Meaning: To gradually be forgotten.

Example: Many one-hit wonders eventually fade into obscurity.

3. Shrouded in mystery

Meaning: Something that is very mysterious and not well understood.

Example: The ancient text was shrouded in mystery.

4. In the shadows

Meaning: Operating in a hidden or secret manner.

Example: He preferred working in the shadows, away from scrutiny.

5. Under the radar

Meaning: Not detected or noticed.

Example: They managed to stay under the radar with their new project.

6. Behind the curtain

Meaning: Hidden from public view or awareness.

Example: The decision was made behind the curtain.

7. Lost in the mists of time

Meaning: Forgotten over the passage of time.

Example: Ancient folk songs lost in the mists of time.

8. Keep it under wraps

Meaning: To keep something secret.

Example: They kept the new design under wraps until the launch.

9. Veil of secrecy

Meaning: A situation where information is kept secret.

Example: The project was developed under a veil of secrecy.

10. Cloud of uncertainty

Meaning: A situation or condition where things are not clear.

Example: The negotiations continued under a cloud of uncertainty.

11. Hidden in plain sight

Meaning: Not concealed but not perceived.

Example: The clues were hidden in plain sight.

12. Bury the truth

Meaning: To hide the truth intentionally.

Example: They tried to bury the truth about the incident.

13. A closed book

Meaning: A subject or person that is difficult to understand.

Example: He’s always been a closed book.

14. Mask the facts

Meaning: To hide the true facts.

Example: The report seemed to mask the facts.

15. Cast a shadow over

Meaning: To make something less enjoyable or less hopeful.

Example: The scandal cast a shadow over his career.

16. Sweep under the carpet

Meaning: To hide a problem or avoid dealing with it.

Example: They tried to sweep the errors under the carpet.

17. Draw a veil over

Meaning: To deliberately forget or not talk about something.

Example: Let’s draw a veil over this matter and move on.

18. Enshrouded in darkness

Meaning: Covered or enveloped in darkness (literally or figuratively).

Example: The castle was enshrouded in darkness.

19. Under the cloak of

Meaning: Hidden or protected by something.

Example: They operated under the cloak of anonymity.

20. Obscure the truth

Meaning: To make the truth difficult to understand or unclear.

Example: He tried to obscure the truth with complicated explanations.

Expressions Related to Obscurity