Learn 20 Expressions Related to Power

Power is a fundamental aspect of human interactions and society. Understanding and using expressions related to power can enhance your communication skills, making your speech more impactful and precise. Here are 20 powerful expressions to boost your vocabulary and command over language.

1. Pull the strings

Meaning: Control from behind
Example: She pulls the strings in the company.

2. Call the shots

Meaning: Make decisions
Example: In this team, he calls the shots.

3. Hold the reins

Meaning: Have control
Example: She holds the reins in this project.

4. Carry weight

Meaning: Be influential
Example: His opinion carries weight in meetings.

5. Take the helm

Meaning: Lead or control
Example: She took the helm of the organization.

6. Rule the roost

Meaning: Be in charge
Example: He rules the roost at home.

7. Wield power

Meaning: Exercise authority
Example: She wields power with confidence.

8. Hold sway

Meaning: Dominate or control
Example: He holds sway over the board members.

9. Call the tune

Meaning: Decide how things are done
Example: She calls the tune in our department.

10. Sit in the driver’s seat

Meaning: Be in control
Example: He’s now sitting in the driver’s seat.

11. Bend the rules

Meaning: Modify rules
Example: She often bends the rules to benefit her team.

12. Crack the whip

Meaning: Enforce discipline
Example: He had to crack the whip to meet deadlines.

13. Top the pecking order

Meaning: Be most powerful
Example: She tops the pecking order in the office.

14. Run the show

Meaning: Be in charge
Example: She runs the show during events.

15. Tighten the reins

Meaning: Increase control
Example: They had to tighten the reins on spending.

16. Take a back seat

Meaning: Be less involved
Example: He took a back seat in the project.

17. Break the mold

Meaning: Do something differently
Example: She broke the mold by leading innovatively.

18. Under one’s thumb

Meaning: Under control
Example: The manager keeps everyone under his thumb.

19. Hold the upper hand

Meaning: Be in a stronger position
Example: She holds the upper hand in negotiations.

20. Take the bull by the horns

Meaning: Face a challenge directly
Example: He took the bull by the horns and led the project.

Expressions Related to Power