Learn 20 Expressions Related to Companionship

Understanding companionship involves more than just being with someone; it’s about connection, support, and shared experiences. Here are 20 expressions that capture the essence of companionship, helping you express the depth of these relationships in English.

1. Thick as Thieves

Meaning: Very close friends.
Example: They’ve been thick as thieves since childhood.

2. Birds of a Feather

Meaning: Similar in many ways.
Example: They are birds of a feather, always together.

3. Hit It Off

Meaning: Get along well immediately.
Example: They hit it off right from the start.

4. Shoulder to Cry On

Meaning: Someone to confide in.
Example: She’s always been my shoulder to cry on.

5. Through Thick and Thin

Meaning: In good and bad times.
Example: They stayed together through thick and thin.

6. Have Someone’s Back

Meaning: Support and defend someone.
Example: I know you always have my back.

7. Be There for Someone

Meaning: Support someone when needed.
Example: He promised to be there for her always.

8. Get Along Like a House on Fire

Meaning: Have a very good relationship.
Example: They get along like a house on fire.

9. Stick Together

Meaning: Remain united.
Example: No matter what, they stick together.

10. Have a Heart-to-Heart

Meaning: Have a sincere conversation.
Example: They had a heart-to-heart last night.

11. Lend an Ear

Meaning: Listen to someone.
Example: She always lends an ear to her friends.

12. Buddy Up

Meaning: Become friends with someone.
Example: Let’s buddy up for the project.

13. Hang Out

Meaning: Spend time together.
Example: They love to hang out on weekends.

14. Bond Over

Meaning: Connect through shared interest.
Example: They bonded over their love of music.

15. Look Up To

Meaning: Admire and respect someone.
Example: He looks up to his older brother.

16. Be Tight

Meaning: Have a close relationship.
Example: They’ve been tight since college days.

17. Have a Soft Spot

Meaning: Feel affection for someone.
Example: She has a soft spot for him.

18. Hit the Nail on the Head

Meaning: Describe something accurately.
Example: You hit the nail on the head about our friendship.

19. On the Same Wavelength

Meaning: Understand each other well.
Example: They’re always on the same wavelength.

20. Pull Together

Meaning: Work as a team.
Example: They always pull together during tough times.

Expressions Related to Companionship