Learn 20 Expressions Related to Maturity

Maturity isn’t just about age; it’s about how we understand and react to the world around us. In English, there are numerous expressions and idioms that encapsulate various aspects of maturity, from wisdom and responsibility to self-awareness and restraint. This blog post dives into 20 such expressions, offering a brief explanation and an example for each, helping you to enrich your conversations by articulating maturity in different contexts.

Expressions Related to Maturity

1. Act your age

Meaning: Behave suitably for your age.

Example: Stop throwing tantrums, act your age.

2. Old soul

Meaning: Someone who displays wisdom beyond their years.

Example: She’s only 25 but is such an old soul.

3. Wise beyond years

Meaning: Having more wisdom than typically expected at one’s age.

Example: The young leader was wise beyond his years.

4. Come of age

Meaning: Reach maturity or the legal adulthood age.

Example: He really came of age during college.

5. Level-headed

Meaning: Sensible and calm.

Example: In crises, she is remarkably level-headed.

6. Settle down

Meaning: Start living a stable and orderly life.

Example: They decided to settle down after traveling the world.

7. Put things into perspective

Meaning: Think about a situation realistically.

Example: She put things into perspective after the loss.

8. Full of years

Meaning: Having lived a long life, experienced.

Example: He is full of years and wisdom.

9. Take responsibility

Meaning: Accept duty for care or control.

Example: He took responsibility for the error.

10. Show your true colors

Meaning: Reveal one’s true nature.

Example: Under pressure, she showed her true colors.

11. Stand on one’s own two feet

Meaning: Be independent and self-supporting.

Example: After college, he learned to stand on his own two feet.

12. Time will tell

Meaning: The truth or outcome will become clear later.

Example: She’s changed, but time will tell.

13. Earn your stripes

Meaning: Gain experience in a particular field or activity.

Example: He earned his stripes in many tough negotiations.

14. Keep your wits about you

Meaning: Stay alert and use your understanding and judgment.

Example: In that chaotic office, you must keep your wits about you.

15. Bite the bullet

Meaning: Endure a painful situation bravely.

Example: He bit the bullet and faced his fears.

16. Have the last laugh

Meaning: Ultimately succeed despite setbacks.

Example: Despite the criticism, she had the last laugh when her project succeeded.

17. A word to the wise

Meaning: A piece of advice given to the knowledgeable or prudent.

Example: A word to the wise—secure your data.

18. Grasp the nettle

Meaning: Tackle a difficult problem bravely.

Example: He grasped the nettle and dealt with the complaints directly.

19. The school of hard knocks

Meaning: Life’s hard experiences teaching someone.

Example: He learned his trade in the school of hard knocks.

20. Weather the storm

Meaning: Survive a difficult period.

Example: The company weathered the storm and emerged stronger.

Expressions Related to Maturity