Learn 20 Expressions Related to Guidance

Navigating through life’s complexities often requires sound advice and direction. This blog post explores twenty valuable expressions related to guidance, offering insights into their meanings and practical usage through illustrative examples.

1. Show the ropes

Meaning: Teach the basics
Example: I’ll show the ropes on how to use this software.

2. Point in the right direction

Meaning: Offer useful guidance
Example: She pointed me in the right direction to find resources.

3. Lead the way

Meaning: Guide by example
Example: He led the way in adopting new technologies.

4. Light the way

Meaning: Inspire or guide clearly
Example: Her innovations light the way for budding entrepreneurs.

5. Steer clear of

Meaning: Avoid something bad
Example: Steer clear of dubious investment offers.

6. Take under one’s wing

Meaning: Mentor or protect
Example: The manager took the new hire under her wing.

7. Put on the right track

Meaning: Correct someone’s path
Example: Her advice put me on the right track again.

8. Throw someone a lifeline

Meaning: Offer help in difficulty
Example: He threw me a lifeline during my financial crisis.

9. Keep on the straight and narrow

Meaning: Stay honest or moral
Example: He keeps on the straight and narrow at work.

10. Give a heads up

Meaning: Provide advance warning
Example: Give a heads up before the new policy takes effect.

11. Lay down the law

Meaning: Establish firm rules
Example: She laid down the law to maintain discipline.

12. Set the pace

Meaning: Establish a standard to follow
Example: Our team leader sets the pace for our project deadlines.

13. Pave the way

Meaning: Create opportunities
Example: His research paved the way for further discoveries.

14. Follow suit

Meaning: Do as someone else did
Example: After his success, many followed suit.

15. Go by the book

Meaning: Follow the rules strictly
Example: She always goes by the book in her procedures.

16. Take the reins

Meaning: Assume control
Example: He took the reins during the crisis.

17. Break new ground

Meaning: Do something innovative
Example: Their team is breaking new ground in solar energy.

18. Chart a course

Meaning: Plan a way forward
Example: Chart a course for the company’s expansion.

19. Cut corners

Meaning: Do something the easiest way
Example: Cutting corners can lead to shoddy work.

20. Pass the torch

Meaning: Transfer responsibility
Example: She passed the torch to her successor smoothly.

Expressions Related to Guidance