Learn 20 Expressions Related to Fate

Fate has always intrigued people, influencing how they view life’s events. This blog post explores 20 expressions related to fate, providing short meanings and example sentences for each. These expressions capture the essence of fate, showing how it’s perceived in various situations.

1. Tempt Fate

Meaning: Risking bad luck
Example: Don’t tempt fate by walking under ladders.

2. Cross One’s Path

Meaning: Encounter unexpectedly
Example: She crossed his path by chance in Paris.

3. Seal One’s Fate

Meaning: Decide someone’s destiny
Example: His actions sealed his fate forever.

4. In the Stars

Meaning: Destined to happen
Example: Their love was written in the stars.

5. A Twist of Fate

Meaning: Unexpected change
Example: A twist of fate brought them together.

6. Tempt Providence

Meaning: Take undue risks
Example: He tempted providence by investing all his money.

7. Throw Caution to the Wind

Meaning: Take a risk
Example: She threw caution to the wind and moved abroad.

8. Down to Fate

Meaning: Determined by destiny
Example: Their reunion was down to fate.

9. Meant to Be

Meaning: Destined to happen
Example: Their friendship was meant to be.

10. Play God

Meaning: Control fate
Example: He tried to play God with their lives.

11. By a Hair’s Breadth

Meaning: Very narrowly
Example: They escaped disaster by a hair’s breadth.

12. In the Cards

Meaning: Likely to happen
Example: Success is in the cards for her.

13. Roll the Dice

Meaning: Take a chance
Example: He decided to roll the dice on the project.

14. Kismet

Meaning: Destiny or fate
Example: It was kismet that they met.

15. Cut the Gordian Knot

Meaning: Solve a difficult problem
Example: He cut the Gordian knot of their issues.

16. Stroke of Fate

Meaning: Sudden change
Example: A stroke of fate changed his career path.

17. Out of the Blue

Meaning: Unexpectedly
Example: The opportunity came out of the blue.

18. Cast the Die

Meaning: Make an irreversible decision
Example: He cast the die by signing the contract.

19. Written in the Stars

Meaning: Predestined
Example: Their meeting was written in the stars.

20. Leave It to Fate

Meaning: Let destiny decide
Example: They decided to leave it to fate.

Expressions Related to Fate