Learn 20 Expressions Related to Grief

Grief, an intense emotional response to loss, manifests in various forms and intensities. This blog post explores 20 expressions that encapsulate the multifaceted nature of grief, providing insight into this complex emotion through the lens of language.

1. Bury the hatchet

Meaning: Make peace
Example: After years of disagreement, they finally buried the hatchet.

2. Carry the torch

Meaning: Maintain a legacy
Example: She carries the torch of her late mother’s charity work.

3. Cry over spilled milk

Meaning: Regret past losses
Example: He told me not to cry over spilled milk.

4. Eat one’s heart out

Meaning: Feel deep sorrow
Example: She ate her heart out after the breakup.

5. Lick one’s wounds

Meaning: Recover from hurt
Example: He’s just licking his wounds after that harsh criticism.

6. Open old wounds

Meaning: Revive past hurts
Example: Discussing the lawsuit only opened old wounds.

7. Wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve

Meaning: Show emotions openly
Example: He wears his heart on his sleeve, grieving openly.

8. Sweep under the rug

Meaning: Hide emotional pain
Example: She swept her grief under the rug, pretending to be fine.

9. Break down

Meaning: Lose emotional control
Example: He broke down during the memorial service.

10. Come to terms with

Meaning: Accept a loss
Example: She’s finally coming to terms with her loss.

11. Hold up

Meaning: Remain strong emotionally
Example: He’s holding up well despite the circumstances.

12. Let go

Meaning: Release grief
Example: It’s time for her to let go of the past.

13. Move on

Meaning: Proceed past grief
Example: He found it hard to move on after the accident.

14. Pass away

Meaning: Die (euphemism)
Example: Her grandfather passed away last night.

15. Shake off

Meaning: Overcome sadness
Example: He’s trying to shake off his feelings of despair.

16. Fall apart

Meaning: Break down emotionally
Example: She fell apart after hearing the tragic news.

17. Beat oneself up

Meaning: Blame oneself
Example: He’s beating himself up over the things left unsaid.

18. Give in to

Meaning: Succumb to emotions
Example: She gave in to her grief at the funeral.

19. Pick up the pieces

Meaning: Recover after loss
Example: They’re slowly picking up the pieces of their life.

20. Turn over a new leaf

Meaning: Start anew after grief
Example: He’s turning over a new leaf after his period of mourning.

Expressions Related to Grief