Learn 20 Expressions Related to Luck

Luck plays a mysterious and often pivotal role in our lives, influencing everything from minor everyday occurrences to major life decisions. In English, there are numerous expressions and idioms that encapsulate various aspects of luck—both good and bad. This blog post explores 20 popular expressions related to luck, providing brief meanings and concise examples for each. Whether you’re feeling lucky or just curious about language, these phrases will add color and depth to your understanding of how luck is discussed and described.

Expressions Related to Luck

1. Luck of the draw

Meaning: Outcome determined by chance.

Example: Winning the raffle was just the luck of the draw.

2. As luck would have it

Meaning: By chance; coincidentally.

Example: As luck would have it, I found a $20 bill on the ground.

3. Push one’s luck

Meaning: Risk losing what one has gained by taking further risks.

Example: He’s pushing his luck by betting again.

4. Beginner’s luck

Meaning: Good luck experienced by a newcomer.

Example: She won the first game she played, probably just beginner’s luck.

5. Out of luck

Meaning: Having no luck; unfortunate.

Example: I was out of luck and missed the last bus home.

6. Better luck next time

Meaning: A hopeful phrase for a better outcome in the future.

Example: You didn’t win this round—better luck next time!

7. Down on one’s luck

Meaning: Experiencing a period of bad luck.

Example: He’s been down on his luck since he lost his job.

8. Lady Luck

Meaning: A personification of luck as a lady who brings good fortune.

Example: Lady Luck was on his side at the poker table.

9. Luck is on my side

Meaning: Experiencing a period of good luck.

Example: With my recent wins, it seems luck is on my side.

10. Make one’s own luck

Meaning: Success comes from one’s actions and decisions.

Example: She believes in making her own luck through hard work.

11. No such luck

Meaning: Used to express disappointment about an outcome.

Example: I hoped to find the book on sale, but no such luck.

12. Strike it lucky

Meaning: To suddenly have good luck.

Example: He struck it lucky with his new investment.

13. Bad luck follows him

Meaning: Someone who consistently experiences misfortune.

Example: It seems like bad luck follows him wherever he goes.

14. That’s the way the cookie crumbles

Meaning: That’s how things happen, often referring to bad luck.

Example: I didn’t get the job, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

15. The luck of the Irish

Meaning: Extremely good fortune, often with a sense of irony.

Example: He found a hundred-dollar bill—must be the luck of the Irish!

16. To tempt fate

Meaning: To do something risky that might bring bad luck.

Example: Going skiing with no lessons is tempting fate.

17. Under a lucky star

Meaning: Born with good fortune.

Example: He’s been successful all his life, born under a lucky star.

18. When your ship comes in

Meaning: When one achieves great success or fortune.

Example: I’ll buy a mansion when my ship comes in.

19. Cross your fingers

Meaning: Hope for good luck.

Example: Cross your fingers for my exam tomorrow!

20. A stroke of luck

Meaning: A sudden instance of good fortune.

Example: Finding this rare book was a real stroke of luck.

Expressions Related to Luck