Learn 20 Expressions Related to Destiny

Destiny, often perceived as a predetermined course of events, shapes our lives in mysterious ways. Understanding expressions related to destiny can add depth to our conversations and writing. Here, we explore 20 expressions that encapsulate the essence of destiny, providing meanings and examples to enhance your grasp of this profound concept.

1. Cross paths

Meaning: Meet by chance
Example: We crossed paths at the coffee shop yesterday.

2. Written in the stars

Meaning: Predestined to happen
Example: Their love was written in the stars from birth.

3. Fate takes a hand

Meaning: Destiny intervenes
Example: Fate took a hand when they met on that flight.

4. Twist of fate

Meaning: Unexpected event
Example: A twist of fate brought him back home.

5. Seal one’s fate

Meaning: Determine one’s destiny
Example: His actions sealed his fate as a leader.

6. In the cards

Meaning: Likely to happen
Example: Success was always in the cards for her.

7. Meant to be

Meaning: Destined to occur
Example: Their partnership was meant to be from day one.

8. Preordained path

Meaning: Predetermined route
Example: His preordained path led him to greatness.

9. At the mercy of fate

Meaning: Controlled by destiny
Example: She felt at the mercy of fate throughout her journey.

10. Cast one’s lot

Meaning: Choose destiny
Example: He cast his lot with the explorers.

11. Star-crossed

Meaning: Ill-fated by destiny
Example: The star-crossed lovers faced many obstacles.

12. Destiny calls

Meaning: Fate demands action
Example: When destiny calls, you must answer.

13. Hand of fate

Meaning: Influence of destiny
Example: The hand of fate guided him to the top.

14. In the lap of the gods

Meaning: Beyond control
Example: Our future is in the lap of the gods.

15. Ride the wave of destiny

Meaning: Go with fate
Example: He chose to ride the wave of destiny.

16. Destiny’s child

Meaning: Favored by fate
Example: She always seemed like destiny’s child.

17. Written in your destiny

Meaning: Predestined event
Example: Success was written in his destiny.

18. Call of destiny

Meaning: Summon by fate
Example: The call of destiny brought him here.

19. Face destiny

Meaning: Confront fate
Example: She decided to face her destiny head-on.

20. Destiny unfolds

Meaning: Fate reveals itself
Example: Watch as your destiny unfolds with time.

Expressions Related to Destiny