Learn 20 Expressions Related to Excitement

Excitement can electrify our conversations, adding vibrancy and emotion. In this blog post, we explore 20 dynamic expressions that vividly convey excitement, enhancing your communication skills and enriching your language repertoire.

1. Jump for joy

Meaning: Show extreme happiness
Example: She jumped for joy when she heard the news.

2. On pins and needles

Meaning: Anxious excitement
Example: I was on pins and needles waiting for the results.

3. Pumped up

Meaning: Excited, enthusiastic
Example: He’s really pumped up for the concert tonight.

4. Buzzing with excitement

Meaning: Very excited
Example: The kids were buzzing with excitement on Christmas Eve.

5. On the edge of one’s seat

Meaning: Very excited
Example: We were on the edge of our seats during the thriller.

6. Fired up

Meaning: Passionately excited
Example: She’s fired up about her new project.

7. Stir up excitement

Meaning: Generate excitement
Example: The preview managed to stir up excitement.

8. Work oneself up

Meaning: Get very excited
Example: He worked himself up before the game.

9. In a frenzy

Meaning: Wildly excited
Example: The crowd was in a frenzy at the match.

10. Get a kick out of

Meaning: Enjoy, find exciting
Example: I get a kick out of roller coasters.

11. Tickle pink

Meaning: Very pleased, excited
Example: Grandma was tickled pink by the surprise.

12. Revved up

Meaning: Excited, energized
Example: They were all revved up for the launch.

13. Amped up

Meaning: Very excited, enthusiastic
Example: The fans were amped up after the victory.

14. Keyed up

Meaning: Highly excited, nervous
Example: She was all keyed up before her speech.

15. On a high

Meaning: Experiencing excitement
Example: He’s been on a high since he got the job.

16. Blow one’s mind

Meaning: Amaze, excite greatly
Example: That movie really blew my mind!

17. Make one’s blood race

Meaning: Excite intensely
Example: The car chase made my blood race.

18. Work up a buzz

Meaning: Create excitement
Example: Their new product worked up a buzz.

19. Light a fire under someone

Meaning: Motivate, excite someone
Example: The coach lit a fire under the team.

20. Whip into a frenzy

Meaning: Stir into a wild excitement
Example: The speech whipped the crowd into a frenzy.

Expressions Related to Excitement