Learn 20 Expressions Related to Emptiness

Emptiness is a profound feeling that many people experience at various points in their lives. It can be challenging to express this emotion, but certain expressions capture its essence perfectly. Here are 20 expressions related to emptiness, each with a brief meaning and an example sentence to help you understand and use them in context.

Expressions Related to Emptiness

1. Running on Empty

Meaning: Exhausted, depleted.
Example: After working all night, he’s running on empty.

2. Hollow Victory

Meaning: An empty or meaningless win.
Example: Winning the argument felt like a hollow victory.

3. An Empty Shell

Meaning: Lacking substance or life.
Example: After the breakup, he was an empty shell.

4. Empty Words

Meaning: Insincere or meaningless statements.
Example: Politicians often make empty words during campaigns.

5. Feeling Drained

Meaning: Completely exhausted.
Example: She felt drained after the long meeting.

6. In the Doldrums

Meaning: In a state of stagnation or depression.
Example: He’s been in the doldrums since losing his job.

7. Without a Trace

Meaning: Completely vanished.
Example: He left town without a trace.

8. Bottomed Out

Meaning: Reached the lowest point.
Example: After losing his job, he felt he had bottomed out.

9. At Loose Ends

Meaning: Feeling aimless or without purpose.
Example: After finishing the project, she was at loose ends.

10. A Hollow Ring

Meaning: Sounding false or insincere.
Example: His apology had a hollow ring to it.

11. A Ghost Town

Meaning: Empty, deserted place.
Example: The once-bustling mall is now a ghost town.

12. A Dead End

Meaning: No way forward.
Example: His career felt like a dead end.

13. A Void

Meaning: A feeling of emptiness.
Example: She felt a void after her friend moved away.

14. Go Up in Smoke

Meaning: To vanish or disappear.
Example: His dreams seemed to go up in smoke.

15. Burned Out

Meaning: Completely exhausted or overworked.
Example: After months of overtime, she was burned out.

16. An Empty Nest

Meaning: Home with grown children gone.
Example: They felt an empty nest after kids left.

17. Run Dry

Meaning: To be depleted.
Example: His creativity seemed to run dry.

18. Fall Flat

Meaning: To fail or not succeed.
Example: His joke fell flat at the party.

19. Out of Gas

Meaning: Out of energy or resources.
Example: By noon, he was completely out of gas.

20. In a Rut

Meaning: Stuck in a monotonous routine.
Example: She felt stuck in a rut with her job.

Expressions Related to Emptiness