Learn 20 Expressions Related to Inclusion

Inclusion is a crucial aspect of creating a harmonious and equitable society. Understanding and using expressions related to inclusion can help promote a sense of belonging and acceptance in various settings. Here are 20 expressions that emphasize the importance of inclusion.

Expressions Related to Inclusion

1. Bend over backwards

Meaning: Make extra effort
Example: She bent over backwards to include everyone.

2. Go out of one’s way

Meaning: Make a special effort
Example: He went out of his way to make newcomers feel welcome.

3. Roll out the red carpet

Meaning: Give special treatment
Example: They rolled out the red carpet for the new team members.

4. Extend the olive branch

Meaning: Offer peace or reconciliation
Example: She extended the olive branch to her colleagues.

5. Bring into the fold

Meaning: Include someone in a group
Example: They brought him into the fold after the meeting.

6. Take under one’s wing

Meaning: Mentor or protect someone
Example: She took the new employee under her wing.

7. Open the door

Meaning: Create opportunities
Example: The policy opened the door for more inclusive practices.

8. Welcome with open arms

Meaning: Receive warmly
Example: They welcomed the new members with open arms.

9. Leave no stone unturned

Meaning: Make all possible efforts
Example: They left no stone unturned to ensure inclusion.

10. Show the ropes

Meaning: Explain how things work
Example: He showed the ropes to the new interns.

11. Fit in like a glove

Meaning: Blend perfectly
Example: She fit in like a glove with the new team.

12. Break the ice

Meaning: Initiate conversation
Example: He broke the ice with a funny story.

13. Go the extra mile

Meaning: Put in extra effort
Example: She went the extra mile to include everyone.

14. Lend a hand

Meaning: Offer help
Example: They always lend a hand to newcomers.

15. Make oneself at home

Meaning: Feel comfortable
Example: They made him feel at home on his first day.

16. Spread the welcome mat

Meaning: Make someone feel welcome
Example: They spread the welcome mat for all guests.

17. Put out feelers

Meaning: Make informal inquiries
Example: She put out feelers to gauge interest in the new program.

18. Take part in

Meaning: Join in activities
Example: Everyone took part in the team-building exercises.

19. Break down barriers

Meaning: Overcome obstacles
Example: The new policies helped break down barriers to inclusion.

20. Create a level playing field

Meaning: Ensure equal opportunities
Example: They worked hard to create a level playing field for all employees.

Expressions Related to Inclusion