Learn 20 Expressions Related to Beauty

Beauty is a timeless concept celebrated in every culture. Knowing expressions related to beauty enhances your vocabulary and helps you appreciate and describe the world around you more vividly. Here are 20 idioms and phrasal verbs that capture the essence of beauty.

1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Meaning: Beauty is subjective.
Example Sentence: She believes beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

2. Drop-dead gorgeous

Meaning: Extremely attractive.
Example Sentence: The actress looked drop-dead gorgeous at the event.

3. Easy on the eyes

Meaning: Pleasant to look at.
Example Sentence: The new painting is easy on the eyes.

4. Eye candy

Meaning: Visually attractive person/thing.
Example Sentence: The model was pure eye candy.

5. Picture-perfect

Meaning: Flawless.
Example Sentence: Her wedding day was picture-perfect.

6. Knockout

Meaning: Very attractive person.
Example Sentence: She is an absolute knockout in that dress.

7. Pretty as a picture

Meaning: Very attractive.
Example Sentence: The bride looked pretty as a picture.

8. Age like fine wine

Meaning: Become better with age.
Example Sentence: She continues to age like fine wine.

9. Dressed to kill

Meaning: Dressed stylishly.
Example Sentence: She arrived dressed to kill at the party.

10. Face like thunder

Meaning: Angry expression.
Example Sentence: He had a face like thunder after the meeting.

11. Made-up to the nines

Meaning: Wearing a lot of makeup.
Example Sentence: She was made-up to the nines for the event.

12. Look like a million bucks

Meaning: Appear very attractive.
Example Sentence: He looked like a million bucks in his new suit.

13. Belle of the ball

Meaning: Most attractive woman at an event.
Example Sentence: She was the belle of the ball last night.

14. All dolled up

Meaning: Dressed attractively.
Example Sentence: She got all dolled up for the dinner.

15. Beauty sleep

Meaning: Sleep for good looks.
Example Sentence: She always ensures she gets her beauty sleep.

16. Inner beauty

Meaning: Inner qualities.
Example Sentence: Her inner beauty makes her truly special.

17. Look like a dream

Meaning: Extremely attractive.
Example Sentence: She looked like a dream in that gown.

18. Glow up

Meaning: Transformation in appearance.
Example Sentence: She had a major glow up over the summer.

19. Polish up

Meaning: Improve appearance.
Example Sentence: He polished up nicely for the interview.

20. Radiant beauty

Meaning: Glowing attractiveness.
Example Sentence: She is known for her radiant beauty.

Expressions Related to Beauty