20 Expressions Related to Breathing Air

Breathing is not only essential for life but also serves as a rich source of metaphors and idioms in everyday language. This blog post explores 20 common expressions related to breathing air, each capturing unique aspects of human experience, from intense emotions to everyday activities. These expressions enrich our conversations by conveying feelings and actions in a relatable and vivid manner.

Expressions Related to Breathing Air

1. Catch one’s breath

Meaning: To pause and rest to regain normal breathing.

Example: After the sprint, she stopped to catch her breath.

2. Take a breather

Meaning: To take a short break from activity.

Example: Let’s take a breather before we continue with the meeting.

3. Breathe down someone’s neck

Meaning: To closely monitor someone in an oppressive way.

Example: The boss is always breathing down our necks.

4. Breathe new life into

Meaning: Revitalize something with new ideas or energy.

Example: The new director breathed new life into the project.

5. Breathe a sigh of relief

Meaning: To express relief through a long, deep breath.

Example: Everyone breathed a sigh of relief after hearing the good news.

6. Don’t hold your breath

Meaning: Don’t expect something to happen soon or at all.

Example: He might apologize, but don’t hold your breath.

7. Under one’s breath

Meaning: To say something in a very quiet voice.

Example: He muttered an apology under his breath.

8. Gasping for breath

Meaning: Struggling to breathe.

Example: After the climb, they were gasping for breath.

9. A breath of fresh air

Meaning: Something that is pleasantly new or different.

Example: Her innovative ideas are a breath of fresh air.

10. Save one’s breath

Meaning: To stop talking because it’s useless.

Example: Save your breath; he won’t listen.

11. Out of breath

Meaning: Breathing heavily due to exertion.

Example: She arrived out of breath from running.

12. Breathe easy

Meaning: To feel relieved or no longer worried.

Example: You can breathe easy now that the exams are over.

13. Last gasp

Meaning: The final moment before something ends.

Example: His goal in the last gasp of the match won the game.

14. Breathless with excitement

Meaning: Extremely excited.

Example: The children were breathless with excitement on Christmas morning.

15. In the same breath

Meaning: To say contradictory things almost simultaneously.

Example: He criticized the plan but in the same breath admitted it was necessary.

16. Catch your breath

Meaning: To stop to rest and regain normal breathing.

Example: Catch your breath while we wait for the others.

17. With bated breath

Meaning: In great anticipation.

Example: They waited with bated breath for the announcement.

18. Like a breath of fresh air

Meaning: Refreshingly different and exciting.

Example: Her approach to teaching was like a breath of fresh air.

19. To breathe freely

Meaning: To relax or feel relieved.

Example: He could finally breathe freely after the project’s completion.

20. On one’s last breath

Meaning: Near the end of life or existence.

Example: He made the confession on his last breath.

Expressions Related to Breathing Air