Learn 20 Expressions Related to Risks

Taking risks is an essential part of life and business. Understanding the language associated with risks can help you communicate more effectively. Here are 20 expressions related to risks that you can use in various situations.

1. Bite the Bullet

Meaning: Face a difficult situation.
Example: She decided to bite the bullet and apologize.

2. Burn One’s Bridges

Meaning: Destroy relationships or opportunities.
Example: He burned his bridges when he quit his job.

3. Cross the Rubicon

Meaning: Make an irreversible decision.
Example: By signing the contract, he crossed the Rubicon.

4. Jump the Gun

Meaning: Act prematurely.
Example: Don’t jump the gun; wait for instructions.

5. On Thin Ice

Meaning: In a risky situation.
Example: You’re on thin ice with your boss.

6. Play with Fire

Meaning: Take dangerous risks.
Example: He’s playing with fire by ignoring the rules.

7. Roll the Dice

Meaning: Take a chance.
Example: They decided to roll the dice and invest.

8. Sink or Swim

Meaning: Succeed or fail without help.
Example: It’s a sink or swim situation for the team.

9. Stick One’s Neck Out

Meaning: Take a risk.
Example: She stuck her neck out to defend him.

10. Throw Caution to the Wind

Meaning: Act recklessly.
Example: He threw caution to the wind and resigned.

11. Take the Plunge

Meaning: Commit to a risky action.
Example: She took the plunge and started her business.

12. Throw Down the Gauntlet

Meaning: Challenge someone.
Example: He threw down the gauntlet to his competitor.

13. Walk a Tightrope

Meaning: Be in a precarious situation.
Example: She’s walking a tightrope with her finances.

14. Out on a Limb

Meaning: In a risky position.
Example: He went out on a limb to support her idea.

15. Break New Ground

Meaning: Innovate or take risks.
Example: The company broke new ground with their product.

16. Hazard a Guess

Meaning: Take a risk to guess.
Example: She hazarded a guess about the outcome.

17. Run the Risk

Meaning: Face the possibility of danger.
Example: By doing this, you run the risk of failure.

18. Push the Envelope

Meaning: Exceed normal limits.
Example: The artist pushed the envelope with his work.

19. Fly by the Seat of One’s Pants

Meaning: Rely on instinct.
Example: He flew by the seat of his pants during the presentation.

20. Take a Leap of Faith

Meaning: Trust in an uncertain outcome.
Example: She took a leap of faith and moved abroad.

Expressions Related to Risks