Learn 20 Expressions Related to Safety

Safety is a vital concern in our everyday lives, whether at home, work, or on the road. Understanding and using expressions related to safety can help communicate concerns and precautions effectively. Here are 20 expressions that can enhance your vocabulary around safety.

1. Look Out For

Meaning: Be vigilant.
Example Sentence: Look out for slippery floors.

2. On the Safe Side

Meaning: To be cautious.
Example Sentence: It’s better to be on the safe side.

3. Red Flag

Meaning: Warning sign.
Example Sentence: That broken ladder is a red flag.

4. In Safe Hands

Meaning: Secure and protected.
Example Sentence: The children are in safe hands.

5. Take Precautions

Meaning: Preventive measures.
Example Sentence: Take precautions when hiking.

6. At Risk

Meaning: In danger.
Example Sentence: Without a helmet, you’re at risk.

7. Watch Out

Meaning: Be careful.
Example Sentence: Watch out for falling objects.

8. Safe and Sound

Meaning: Unharmed.
Example Sentence: They arrived safe and sound.

9. Safety Net

Meaning: Backup plan.
Example Sentence: Always have a safety net.

10. Keep an Eye On

Meaning: Monitor closely.
Example Sentence: Keep an eye on the kids.

11. Put Out Fires

Meaning: Solve urgent problems.
Example Sentence: He’s always putting out fires at work.

12. Safety First

Meaning: Prioritize safety.
Example Sentence: Remember, safety first in the lab.

13. On Guard

Meaning: Watchful.
Example Sentence: Stay on guard during the night.

14. Guard Against

Meaning: Protect from.
Example Sentence: Guard against cyber threats.

15. Play It Safe

Meaning: Avoid risks.
Example Sentence: It’s smart to play it safe.

16. Be Careful

Meaning: Exercise caution.
Example Sentence: Be careful crossing the street.

17. Take Heed

Meaning: Pay attention.
Example Sentence: Take heed of the warning signs.

18. Safe Bet

Meaning: Sure thing.
Example Sentence: Wearing a helmet is a safe bet.

19. Bear in Mind

Meaning: Remember.
Example Sentence: Bear in mind the safety rules.

20. Steer Clear Of

Meaning: Avoid.
Example Sentence: Steer clear of dangerous areas.

Expressions Related to Safety