Learn 20 Expressions Related to Order

Understanding expressions related to order can greatly improve your communication skills, especially in professional and organized settings. This blog post will introduce you to 20 common idioms and phrasal verbs that convey the concept of order, helping you to sound more natural and precise in your English conversations.

1. In Order

Meaning: Arranged correctly
Example Sentence: All files are in order on the desk.

2. Out of Order

Meaning: Not working properly
Example Sentence: The vending machine is out of order today.

3. Put in Order

Meaning: Organize properly
Example Sentence: She put her notes in order before the meeting.

4. Call to Order

Meaning: Start a meeting
Example Sentence: The chairperson called the meeting to order at 9 AM.

5. Take Order

Meaning: Receive instructions
Example Sentence: The waiter came to take our order quickly.

6. Follow Orders

Meaning: Obey instructions
Example Sentence: Soldiers are trained to follow orders without question.

7. Place in Order

Meaning: Arrange systematically
Example Sentence: The books were placed in order on the shelf.

8. Back in Order

Meaning: Functioning again
Example Sentence: The printer is finally back in order.

9. Order Around

Meaning: Command someone
Example Sentence: He doesn’t like being ordered around by his boss.

10. Get in Order

Meaning: Become organized
Example Sentence: We need to get these documents in order quickly.

11. In Alphabetical Order

Meaning: Arranged by letters
Example Sentence: The names were listed in alphabetical order.

12. Keep in Order

Meaning: Maintain organization
Example Sentence: It’s important to keep files in order for easy access.

13. Knock into Shape

Meaning: Make organized
Example Sentence: She knocked the team into shape before the deadline.

14. Fall into Place

Meaning: Become organized
Example Sentence: Everything started to fall into place after the changes.

15. Rule of Thumb

Meaning: General principle
Example Sentence: As a rule of thumb, keep your desk tidy.

16. Get One’s Ducks in a Row

Meaning: Get organized
Example Sentence: She got her ducks in a row before the presentation.

17. In Proper Order

Meaning: Correct arrangement
Example Sentence: Make sure everything is in proper order before leaving.

18. Line Up

Meaning: Arrange in a line
Example Sentence: The students lined up for the morning assembly.

19. Set in Order

Meaning: Organize carefully
Example Sentence: She set her priorities in order for the project.

20. Tidy Up

Meaning: Clean and organize
Example Sentence: We need to tidy up before the guests arrive.

Expressions Related to Order