Learn 20 Expressions Related to Accident

Accidents happen unexpectedly and often lead to a range of consequences. Understanding expressions related to accidents can help you navigate conversations about such incidents with greater ease. Here are 20 useful expressions to enhance your vocabulary and communication skills in such situations.

Expressions Related to Accident

1. Crash into

Meaning: Collide with
Example: The car crashed into a tree.

2. Run over

Meaning: Drive over
Example: She accidentally ran over a cat.

3. Fend off

Meaning: Defend against
Example: He fended off the attacker bravely.

4. Knock down

Meaning: Hit to fall
Example: The cyclist was knocked down by a bus.

5. Bump into

Meaning: Meet by accident
Example: I bumped into an old friend yesterday.

6. Fall apart

Meaning: Break into pieces
Example: The chair fell apart when he sat.

7. Slip up

Meaning: Make a mistake
Example: I slipped up and missed the meeting.

8. Trip over

Meaning: Stumble on
Example: She tripped over the curb.

9. Break down

Meaning: Stop functioning
Example: The car broke down on the highway.

10. Smash up

Meaning: Destroy completely
Example: The storm smashed up several houses.

11. Knock out

Meaning: Render unconscious
Example: The punch knocked him out cold.

12. Blow up

Meaning: Explode
Example: The gas leak blew up the building.

13. Carry off

Meaning: Handle successfully
Example: He carried off the rescue mission.

14. Cut off

Meaning: Interrupt abruptly
Example: The call was cut off suddenly.

15. Set off

Meaning: Trigger
Example: The alarm set off when the door opened.

16. Tumble down

Meaning: Collapse
Example: The old building tumbled down in the earthquake.

17. Put out

Meaning: Extinguish
Example: Firefighters put out the fire quickly.

18. Blow out

Meaning: Extinguish by blowing
Example: She blew out the candles on her cake.

19. Knock over

Meaning: Tip over
Example: The wind knocked over the trash cans.

20. Break into

Meaning: Enter forcibly
Example: Thieves broke into the house last night.

Expressions Related to Accident