Learn 20 Expressions Related to Slowness

Understanding and using expressions related to slowness can enhance your English communication skills, making your speech more vivid and expressive. In this blog post, we will explore 20 expressions that convey the idea of slowness, complete with their meanings and example sentences.

1. At a snail’s pace

Meaning: Very slowly
Example: The project is moving at a snail’s pace.

2. Drag one’s feet

Meaning: Delay or procrastinate
Example: He tends to drag his feet with assignments.

3. Take one’s time

Meaning: Do something slowly
Example: She always takes her time with homework.

4. In fits and starts

Meaning: Sporadically or irregularly
Example: The work progressed in fits and starts.

5. Put on the back burner

Meaning: Delay or postpone
Example: We’ve put the plans on the back burner.

6. Slow as molasses

Meaning: Extremely slow
Example: The internet speed is slow as molasses.

7. Plod along

Meaning: Move slowly and steadily
Example: He plodded along the trail.

8. Creep up on

Meaning: Approach slowly
Example: Winter seems to creep up on us.

9. Take it easy

Meaning: Relax and go slowly
Example: He decided to take it easy this weekend.

10. Wade through

Meaning: Progress slowly through something
Example: She waded through the lengthy report.

11. Take forever

Meaning: Take a very long time
Example: The bus took forever to arrive.

12. Linger over

Meaning: Spend a long time on
Example: They lingered over their coffee.

13. Saunter in

Meaning: Walk in slowly and casually
Example: He sauntered in late to the meeting.

14. Dilly-dally

Meaning: Waste time
Example: Stop dilly-dallying and start working.

15. Loiter around

Meaning: Hang around without purpose
Example: They loitered around the store for hours.

16. Meander through

Meaning: Move slowly without direction
Example: We meandered through the old town.

17. Crawl along

Meaning: Move very slowly
Example: Traffic crawled along the highway.

18. Sit on one’s hands

Meaning: Delay action
Example: He sat on his hands and did nothing.

19. Bide one’s time

Meaning: Wait patiently
Example: She bided her time before speaking.

20. Inch along

Meaning: Move very slowly
Example: The line inched along.

Expressions Related to Slowness