Learn 20 Expressions Related to Politics

Politics can be a complex and nuanced field, filled with unique expressions that convey specific ideas and actions. Understanding these idioms and phrasal verbs can help you navigate political discussions more effectively. Here are 20 essential expressions related to politics, each with a short meaning and an example sentence.

1. Ballot Box

Meaning: Voting container

Example: Citizens cast their votes at the ballot box.

2. Spin Doctor

Meaning: PR expert

Example: The candidate hired a spin doctor to improve his image.

3. Grassroots Movement

Meaning: Local activism

Example: The campaign grew into a powerful grassroots movement.

4. Political Hot Potato

Meaning: Controversial issue

Example: The tax reform bill is a political hot potato.

5. Party Line

Meaning: Official policy

Example: She always toes the party line during debates.

6. Lobby For

Meaning: Advocate

Example: They lobbied for stricter environmental regulations.

7. Mudslinging

Meaning: Negative campaigning

Example: The election was marred by constant mudslinging.

8. Power Play

Meaning: Strategic maneuver

Example: His resignation was seen as a power play.

9. Wheeling and Dealing

Meaning: Political negotiation

Example: The senator is known for his wheeling and dealing.

10. Behind Closed Doors

Meaning: In private

Example: The deal was made behind closed doors.

11. Political Football

Meaning: Debated issue

Example: Healthcare has become a political football.

12. Filibuster

Meaning: Prolong debate

Example: The senator used a filibuster to delay the vote.

13. Gerrymandering

Meaning: Manipulate boundaries

Example: The district was redrawn through gerrymandering.

14. Lame Duck

Meaning: Ineffective leader

Example: The president was a lame duck after the election.

15. Smoke-Filled Room

Meaning: Secret negotiations

Example: Decisions were made in smoke-filled rooms.

16. On the Stump

Meaning: Campaigning

Example: The candidate spent months on the stump.

17. Pork Barrel

Meaning: Government spending

Example: Critics called the project pork barrel politics.

18. Red Tape

Meaning: Bureaucracy

Example: They struggled with the red tape to get approval.

19. Rubber Stamp

Meaning: Automatic approval

Example: The committee was seen as a rubber stamp.

20. Walk the Line

Meaning: Maintain position

Example: She had to walk the line between different factions.

Expressions Related to Politics