Learn 20 Expressions Related to Teaching

Teaching is a dynamic and impactful profession that requires effective communication. Knowing specific expressions related to teaching can enhance your ability to convey ideas, instructions, and encouragement. Here are 20 expressions that every teacher should know to enrich their classroom interactions.

1. Break it down

Meaning: Simplify

Example: “Let’s break it down into smaller steps.”

2. Pass on knowledge

Meaning: Teach

Example: “Teachers pass on knowledge to their students daily.”

3. Bring up

Meaning: Mention

Example: “She brought up an interesting point in class.”

4. Brush up on

Meaning: Review

Example: “I need to brush up on my math skills.”

5. Go over

Meaning: Review

Example: “Let’s go over the homework together.”

6. Hand out

Meaning: Distribute

Example: “She handed out the test papers.”

7. Hold back

Meaning: Retain a student

Example: “He was held back a year in school.”

8. Catch on

Meaning: Understand

Example: “He quickly caught on to the new topic.”

9. Drop out

Meaning: Leave school

Example: “She decided to drop out of college.”

10. Fill in

Meaning: Substitute

Example: “Can you fill in for me today?”

11. Get through to

Meaning: Make understand

Example: “I finally got through to him about the importance of study.”

12. Keep up with

Meaning: Stay current

Example: “It’s hard to keep up with all the new information.”

13. Lay out

Meaning: Explain

Example: “She laid out the plan for the project.”

14. Look up to

Meaning: Admire

Example: “Students look up to their teachers.”

15. Make up

Meaning: Compensate

Example: “You need to make up the missed classes.”

16. Run through

Meaning: Review quickly

Example: “Let’s run through the main points.”

17. Sit in on

Meaning: Attend as a guest

Example: “She sat in on the lecture.”

18. Stand out

Meaning: Be noticeable

Example: “His presentation really stood out.”

19. Take in

Meaning: Absorb

Example: “Students take in a lot of information.”

20. Work out

Meaning: Solve

Example: “Let’s work out this problem together.”

Expressions Related to Teaching