Learn 20 Expressions Related to Danger

Danger is a part of life, and expressing it can often be challenging. Understanding the various ways to describe danger using common expressions can enrich your vocabulary and improve your communication skills. Here, we present 20 idioms and phrasal verbs related to danger that will help you articulate risky situations more effectively.

1. In Harm’s Way

Meaning: In danger
Example: The firefighter put himself in harm’s way.

2. Play with Fire

Meaning: Take dangerous risks
Example: You’re playing with fire by ignoring safety rules.

3. On Thin Ice

Meaning: In a risky situation
Example: He is on thin ice with his boss.

4. Under the Gun

Meaning: Under pressure or threat
Example: She’s under the gun to finish the project.

5. Touch and Go

Meaning: Risky or uncertain
Example: The surgery was touch and go for a while.

6. Dicey Situation

Meaning: Unpredictably risky
Example: Negotiating the deal was a dicey situation.

7. Skating on Thin Ice

Meaning: Taking big risks
Example: Skating on thin ice with these investments.

8. A Close Call

Meaning: Narrow escape from danger
Example: That was a close call with the speeding car.

9. Flirt with Danger

Meaning: Take unnecessary risks
Example: He likes to flirt with danger by cliff diving.

10. Walk a Tightrope

Meaning: In a precarious situation
Example: She’s walking a tightrope in her new role.

11. Out on a Limb

Meaning: In a risky position
Example: Going out on a limb by supporting him.

12. In the Line of Fire

Meaning: In a dangerous position
Example: The soldiers were in the line of fire.

13. Throw Caution to the Wind

Meaning: Act recklessly
Example: She threw caution to the wind and drove fast.

14. Brink of Disaster

Meaning: On the verge of danger
Example: They were on the brink of disaster.

15. Live on the Edge

Meaning: Take extreme risks
Example: He loves to live on the edge.

16. Jump into the Deep End

Meaning: Take a big risk
Example: He jumped into the deep end with the new job.

17. A Hair’s Breadth

Meaning: Very close to danger
Example: They escaped by a hair’s breadth.

18. Take the Plunge

Meaning: Take a risky decision
Example: She took the plunge and started her business.

19. Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Meaning: In a difficult situation
Example: He’s between a rock and a hard place at work.

20. Fly Close to the Wind

Meaning: Take serious risks
Example: He likes to fly close to the wind in business.

Expressions Related to Danger