Learn 20 Expressions Related to Idealism

Idealism often conjures visions of a perfect world, where principles and virtues outweigh practicalities. Those who embrace idealism tend to focus on what the world should be rather than what it is. This philosophical perspective is not only prevalent in literature and discussions about society’s goals but also in everyday language through various expressions and idioms. Here, we explore 20 expressions that capture the essence of idealism, offering a glimpse into the hopeful and sometimes naive perspective of idealists.

Expressions Related to Idealism

1. “Chase rainbows”

Meaning: To pursue unrealistic or impractical goals.

Example: He’s always chasing rainbows with his business ideas.

2. “On cloud nine”

Meaning: Feeling extremely happy or blissful, often unrealistically.

Example: After the promotion, she was on cloud nine.

3. “In a perfect world”

Meaning: In an ideal situation (used to discuss something that isn’t likely to happen).

Example: In a perfect world, there would be no poverty.

4. “Building castles in the air”

Meaning: Creating plans or dreams that are unrealistic.

Example: They were building castles in the air about their future business.

5. “Utopian dreams”

Meaning: Fantasies about a perfect society.

Example: His political manifesto is full of utopian dreams.

6. “Wearing rose-colored glasses”

Meaning: Seeing only the positive aspects of a situation.

Example: She’s always wearing rose-colored glasses when it comes to him.

7. “A pie in the sky”

Meaning: Something hoped for but impossible to achieve.

Example: His plans for early retirement are just a pie in the sky.

8. “Hold the moral high ground”

Meaning: Maintain a stance that is morally superior.

Example: In debates, he always tries to hold the moral high ground.

9. “Hope springs eternal”

Meaning: Being forever optimistic.

Example: Even after repeated failures, hope springs eternal for him.

10. “The impossible dream”

Meaning: A goal that is very unlikely to be achieved.

Example: Winning the lottery is the impossible dream for many.

11. “To tilt at windmills”

Meaning: To fight imaginary enemies or spend time on hopeless causes.

Example: He’s tilting at windmills trying to change their minds.

12. “The better angels of our nature”

Meaning: The virtuous aspects of human behavior.

Example: Let’s appeal to the better angels of our nature to solve this conflict.

13. “A leap of faith”

Meaning: An act of believing in something uncertain.

Example: Quitting her job to paint was a real leap of faith.

14. “A knight in shining armor”

Meaning: Someone who heroically comes to the rescue.

Example: She views him as a knight in shining armor.

15. “To think the world of”

Meaning: To have a very high opinion of someone or something.

Example: He thinks the world of his mentor.

16. “Not all heroes wear capes”

Meaning: Ordinary people who do extraordinary things.

Example: The teachers at this school show that not all heroes wear capes.

17. “Beat the odds”

Meaning: To succeed despite low likelihood of success.

Example: She beat the odds and recovered fully from her illness.

18. “Change the world”

Meaning: To make significant alterations to the way the world operates.

Example: He aims to change the world with his innovative ideas.

19. “Against all odds”

Meaning: Despite very low chances of success.

Example: Against all odds, the team won the championship.

20. “Reach for the stars”

Meaning: To set one’s goals high.

Example: He always encourages his students to reach for the stars.

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