Learn 20 Expressions Related to Birth

Learning expressions related to birth can enrich your vocabulary and enhance your understanding of how language reflects life events. These expressions are commonly used in everyday conversation, literature, and media, providing a deeper insight into the cultural significance of birth. Here are 20 expressions related to birth, each with a short meaning and an example sentence.

1. Be Born With a Silver Spoon

Meaning: Born into wealth
Example: He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

2. Bundle of Joy

Meaning: A newborn baby
Example: Their new bundle of joy arrived last night.

3. Expecting a Baby

Meaning: Pregnant
Example: She announced they are expecting a baby soon.

4. Labor of Love

Meaning: Hard work done for pleasure
Example: Raising her was a labor of love.

5. Blessing in Disguise

Meaning: An apparent misfortune with good results
Example: The early birth was a blessing in disguise.

6. Cry One’s Eyes Out

Meaning: Cry heavily
Example: She cried her eyes out after the birth.

7. In the Family Way

Meaning: Pregnant
Example: She’s in the family way with their first child.

8. A Bun in the Oven

Meaning: Pregnant
Example: She revealed she has a bun in the oven.

9. Light of One’s Life

Meaning: Someone cherished
Example: The baby is the light of their life.

10. Born Yesterday

Meaning: Naive or inexperienced
Example: Don’t trick me; I wasn’t born yesterday.

11. In Labor

Meaning: Giving birth
Example: She went into labor early this morning.

12. Water Breaks

Meaning: Amniotic fluid release
Example: Her water broke at midnight.

13. Bundle of Nerves

Meaning: Very anxious
Example: He was a bundle of nerves during the birth.

14. To Have a Baby

Meaning: To give birth
Example: She is due to have a baby soon.

15. Give Birth

Meaning: Deliver a baby
Example: She gave birth to twins last night.

16. Labor Pains

Meaning: Pains during childbirth
Example: She started feeling labor pains at noon.

17. Come into the World

Meaning: To be born
Example: Their daughter came into the world yesterday.

18. New Addition

Meaning: New family member
Example: They are excited about the new addition.

19. With Child

Meaning: Pregnant
Example: She’s with child and due next month.

20. Birth Announcement

Meaning: Notification of a birth
Example: They sent out a birth announcement last week.

Expressions Related to Birth