Learn 20 Expressions Related to Relaxation

Relaxation is an essential part of maintaining a healthy and balanced life. Whether you’re unwinding after a long day, enjoying a peaceful weekend, or taking a break from work, having a variety of expressions to describe these moments can be quite useful. Here are 20 expressions related to relaxation, each with a short meaning and example to help you incorporate them into your everyday language.

Expressions Related to Relaxation

1. Take it easy

Meaning: Relax and avoid stress.
Example: “After a busy week, I’m just going to take it easy this weekend.”

2. Kick back

Meaning: To relax and do nothing.
Example: “Let’s kick back and watch some movies tonight.”

3. Chill out

Meaning: Calm down and relax.
Example: “You need to chill out and stop worrying about everything.”

4. Put your feet up

Meaning: Relax, often by sitting or lying down.
Example: “After the long hike, I can’t wait to get home and put my feet up.”

5. Unwind

Meaning: Relax after a period of stress.
Example: “A hot bath is the perfect way to unwind after work.”

6. Take a breather

Meaning: Pause and rest for a short time.
Example: “Let’s take a breather before we start the next task.”

7. Wind down

Meaning: Gradually relax after being active or busy.
Example: “I like to wind down with a good book before bed.”

8. Loosen up

Meaning: Relax mentally or physically.
Example: “He needs to loosen up a bit and not take things so seriously.”

9. Take a load off

Meaning: Sit down and relax.
Example: “Come in, take a load off, and tell me about your day.”

10. Laid-back

Meaning: Easy-going and relaxed.
Example: “Her laid-back attitude makes her a joy to be around.”

11. Catch your breath

Meaning: Rest to regain energy.
Example: “After running, I needed to sit and catch my breath.”

12. Sit back and relax

Meaning: Settle down comfortably and relax.
Example: “Just sit back and relax, the show will start soon.”

13. Mellow out

Meaning: Become more relaxed.
Example: “A cup of tea helps me mellow out in the evening.”

14. Take time out

Meaning: Stop doing something to rest.
Example: “I’m going to take time out from work to focus on my health.”

15. Let your hair down

Meaning: Behave in a free and relaxed manner.
Example: “It’s a party, time to let your hair down and have fun!”

16. Breathe easy

Meaning: Relax and stop worrying.
Example: “You can breathe easy now that the exams are over.”

17. Take a chill pill

Meaning: Calm down and relax.
Example: “Before you start stressing, take a chill pill and think it through.”

18. De-stress

Meaning: Reduce stress.
Example: “Yoga is a great way to de-stress after a hectic day.”

19. Ease off

Meaning: Reduce effort and relax.
Example: “You should ease off and enjoy the holidays.”

20. Go with the flow

Meaning: Relax and accept things as they come.
Example: “On vacation, I like to go with the flow and not plan too much.”

Expressions Related to Relaxation