Learn 20 Expressions Related to Past

Understanding expressions related to the past can enrich your English communication skills. Here, we explore 20 useful expressions that refer to past events or experiences, helping you to convey your thoughts more precisely.

1. Once Upon a Time

Meaning: In the past.
Example: Once upon a time, we used to play here.

2. A Thing of the Past

Meaning: No longer existing.
Example: Typewriters are a thing of the past.

3. Water Under the Bridge

Meaning: Past events, no longer important.
Example: Our fight is just water under the bridge.

4. Bygone Days

Meaning: Days long past.
Example: He often reminisces about bygone days.

5. In Retrospect

Meaning: Looking back.
Example: In retrospect, I should have studied more.

6. Used To

Meaning: Did in the past.
Example: I used to visit my grandparents every summer.

7. Back in the Day

Meaning: In the past.
Example: Back in the day, life was simpler.

8. Out of Date

Meaning: No longer current.
Example: His ideas are out of date now.

9. A Blast from the Past

Meaning: Something nostalgic.
Example: Seeing her was a blast from the past.

10. Once in a Blue Moon

Meaning: Rarely.
Example: He visits the city once in a blue moon.

11. On the Back Burner

Meaning: Postponed.
Example: The project is on the back burner for now.

12. Lost to History

Meaning: Forgotten over time.
Example: Many stories are lost to history.

13. Turn Back the Clock

Meaning: Revisit the past.
Example: I wish I could turn back the clock.

14. A Trip Down Memory Lane

Meaning: Recalling past memories.
Example: Talking to him was a trip down memory lane.

15. Let Bygones Be Bygones

Meaning: Forget past conflicts.
Example: Let’s let bygones be bygones and move on.

16. Yesterday’s News

Meaning: No longer relevant.
Example: His scandal is yesterday’s news.

17. Time and Tide Wait for No Man

Meaning: Time passes.
Example: Time and tide wait for no man, so act now.

18. Over and Done With

Meaning: Completely finished.
Example: The deal is over and done with.

19. No Use Crying Over Spilled Milk

Meaning: Can’t change the past.
Example: It’s no use crying over spilled milk now.

20. From the Get-Go

Meaning: From the beginning.
Example: We’ve been friends from the get-go.

Expressions Related to Past