150+ Common English Sentences Used in Daily Life

Below are some common English sentences used in daily life, with infographics and PDFs. English speaking and daily conversation sentences will help you in speaking with your friends and relatives with confidence. These Sentences are some of the most common English Sentences of daily use. After reading all of these sentences and memorizing them you can use them in your daily conversation to empower your daily English speaking with these sentences.

These everyday spoken English sentences are most common in native English speakers and you should also use them in your daily conversation.  Must learn all of these sentences and download these sentences in the form of a PDF at the end of this lesson.

List of Common English Sentences Used in Daily Life

spoke english sentences everyday

  • As you please
  • By God’s Grace!
  • Come what may!
  • Do come
  • Doesn’t matter
  • Get Off
  • Glad/Nice to meet you
  • Go down
  • Go up
  • Good heavens!
  • How dare you!
  • How disgraceful!
  • How disgusting!
  • Hurry up!
  • I beg your pardon
  • I will try my level best
  • Is it?
  • It’s all yours
  • Let it be
  • Long time no see
  • Not the least!
  • Of Course!
  • Oh, I am sorry. I have got a bit late
  • Please help yourself
  • Rest assured
  • Sorry for the inconvenience
  • That’s so kind of you
  • Watch out!
  • Well done, dear
  • What a bother!
  • What nonsense!
  • Wonderful!
  • Would you please speak slowly?
  • Yes, by all means
  • A set of books is on the table.
  • Are you married all?
  • Are you there?
  • Come what may I will not talk to him.
  • Didn’t you go to the cinema yesterday?
  • Do come.
  • Do you have some money?
  • Don’t do this.
  • Don’t embarrass me.
  • Don’t get me as stupid as you.
  • Don’t talk nonsense
  • Don’t wink.
  • Don’t you disturb me?
  • Excuse me.
  • Fancy price.
  • Get lost.
  • Go yourself.
  • Has someone come?
  • Have a tea.
  • Have you ever been to Delhi?
  • Have you ever been to Vinod’s home?
  • Have you ever eaten pizza?
  • Have you ever…
  • Having said that….
  • He always keeps telling a lie.
  • He does not tell a lie.
  • He feels like.
  • He has been to the market.
  • He has been to school.
  • He has gone to market
  • He is good at English.
  • He is so called a teacher.
  • He is very stingy
  • He must be tired.
  • He saw a running thief.
  • He went to school.
  • He will be in the room.
  • How much time it will take?
  • I am doing my work.
  • I am full.
  • I am going to the office.
  • I am having dinner.
  • I am having lunch.
  • I am having my haircut.

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Infographic – Daily English Sentences

Example Sentences

Daily english sentences

  • I am not a riff-raff person.
  • I am sleepy.
  • I am to go
  • I ate food.
  • I do not take tea.
  • I don’t eat nonveg on Tuesday.
  • I don’t know telling a lie.
  • I don’t need you.
  • I don’t need your advice
  • I don’t want.
  • I feel like eating laddu.
  • I feel like.
  • I got it.
  • I have been out since morning.
  • I have had lunch.
  • I have had breakfast.
  • I have no money.
  • I have to go.
  • I have two rupees less.
  • I know everything.
  • I know nothing.
  • I must go.
  • I want its fancy price.
  • I want that one suit. Or I want that one.
  • I will give you a fancy price for it.
  • In course of time….
  • It does not mean…
  • It sounds great.
  • It’s all because of you.
  • It’s all you do.
  • Just taste it.
  • Key feels like eating funnel cake.
  • Look ahead.
  • Make the bed.
  • Many a man was killed.
  • My study is going on well.
  • Nothing special.
  • Rashmi feels like eating rissoles.
  • Rest assured.
  • She has no money.
  • Shut up when you are unwise to talk.
  • Tea will do?
  • That boy David reads in your class.
  • That’s enough.
  • That’s a good idea.
  • The examination is about to start.
  • The train is about to come.
  • There is less salt in the curry.
  • There is no sense in it.
  • There is nothing but water.
  • This is selling at throw away price.

Infographic – Daily English Sentences

Common English Sentences

  • Two and two make four.
  • Use your brain sometimes.
  • Use your brains/use your mind.
  • Wait a bit.
  • Walk carefully.
  • What a bother!
  • What a shame!
  • What does it matter?
  • What happened.
  • What is done is done.
  • What is going on?
  • What is the time by your watch?
  • What to do?
  • What is your intention?
  • Where does this road lead to?
  • Where to go?
  • Which one of these umbrellas is yours?
  • Which time?
  • Who is it?
  • Why are you staring?
  • Will you do me a favor?
  • You are a deceiver and cheater.
  • You feel like.
  • You have a brain.
  • You have a brush.
  • You have no manner.
  • You should see a doctor.

English Sentences For Daily Use

20 Sentences That We Use in School

  1. Can I go to the bathroom?
  2. What’s the homework for tonight?
  3. I don’t understand this concept, can you explain it again?
  4. May I borrow a pencil?
  5. When is the test scheduled?
  6. What is the due date for the assignment?
  7. Can I have an extension on this project?
  8. Who is the author of this book?
  9. What page are we on?
  10. I need help with this math problem.
  11. Can I have a tissue?
  12. When is recess/lunch?
  13. Can I use the computer?
  14. What are the class rules?
  15. Can you repeat the question?
  16. What is the answer to number 5?
  17. Can I sit somewhere else?
  18. May I speak to you after class?
  19. Can I work with a partner on this assignment?
  20. I forgot my textbook, may I borrow one?

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20 Sentences That We Use in Office

  1. Good morning, how can I assist you?
  2. Can we schedule a meeting for later?
  3. I need a copy of that report, please.
  4. When is the deadline for this project?
  5. Can you please send me that email again?
  6. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
  7. Who is in charge of this department?
  8. I need your signature on this document.
  9. Can I speak with you in private?
  10. How is the progress on that task going?
  11. Who should I contact regarding this issue?
  12. Do you have any updates on that project?
  13. Can you please forward me that file?
  14. I’ll follow up with you on this matter tomorrow.
  15. Can you please provide me with more information?
  16. I’m sorry, I’m currently in a meeting.
  17. Can you please hold for a moment?
  18. We need to discuss this with the team.
  19. Let’s touch base later to discuss this further.
  20. Do you need any assistance with that task?

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20 Sentences That We Use in the Kitchen

  1. What’s for dinner tonight?
  2. Do we have all the ingredients we need?
  3. Can you pass me the salt, please?
  4. How long does this dish need to cook?
  5. Can you help me chop these vegetables?
  6. Do we have any leftovers in the fridge?
  7. Can you turn the oven to 350 degrees?
  8. I need to thaw this chicken before cooking it.
  9. Do we have any gluten-free options?
  10. How do I make this recipe?
  11. Can you please wash the dishes?
  12. I’ll set the table for dinner.
  13. Who wants to help me with the dishes?
  14. Can you please boil some water for me?
  15. Can you help me carry this pot to the stove?
  16. Can you please pass me a fork and knife?
  17. I need to preheat the oven before baking this dish.
  18. Do we have any vegetarian options?
  19. Can you please take out the trash?
  20. Let’s enjoy our meal together as a family.

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20 Sentences Related to Shopping

  1. Can I help you find something?
  2. Do you have this item in a different color?
  3. What is the price of this product?
  4. Do you accept credit cards?
  5. Is there a sale going on today?
  6. Can I return this item if I change my mind?
  7. What is your store policy on refunds?
  8. Can I try this on before I buy it?
  9. Do you have any discounts available?
  10. Can you please gift-wrap this for me?
  11. What sizes do you have in stock?
  12. Can I speak with the manager, please?
  13. Do you have any promotions or coupons available?
  14. Is this product available for delivery?
  15. Can you please show me where this product is located?
  16. How long is the warranty on this product?
  17. Do you have any recommendations for similar products?
  18. Can I see some options for a specific category?
  19. Can you please help me find a gift for someone?
  20. Do you have any new arrivals?

20 Easy Sentences for Kids

  1. The sun is shining brightly today.
  2. I love playing with my toys.
  3. My favorite color is blue.
  4. I like eating ice cream.
  5. Can we go to the park, please?
  6. I have a pet dog named Max.
  7. Let’s read a story together.
  8. I’m learning how to write my name.
  9. I drew a picture of a flower.
  10. I’m so excited about my birthday party.
  11. Can we play a game of hide-and-seek?
  12. Look at the beautiful butterfly!
  13. I like to sing and dance.
  14. I learned a new song at school today.
  15. I want to be an astronaut when I grow up.
  16. I made a card for Mom and Dad.
  17. Can we bake cookies together?
  18. Let’s go on a nature walk and look for bugs.
  19. My best friend’s name is Sarah.
  20. I’m grateful for my family and friends.

Common English Sentences of Daily Use (Infographics)

Common English Sentences Common English Sentences Used in Daily Life Common English Sentences Used in Daily Life

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