List of Idioms for Students with Meaning – Infographics & PDF

List of Idioms for Students with Meaning PDF! Learn a very promising list of idioms for students along with the meaning, infographics, and PDF.

Idioms are very important for students and it is not possible to learn millions of idioms at once. Rather it is easy to memorize a few idioms of common use and important for competitive exams.

List of Idioms for Students

Below is the list of idioms for students:

  • Off and on / on and off: now and again, sometimes
  • Of one’s own accord: to do something without being forced
  • Null and void: not valid
  • Now and then: at times
  • Nip in the bud: crushed at the beginning
  • Next to nothing: almost nothing
  • Neck or nothing: risking everything
  • Move heaven and earth: to make full efforts
  • More or less: nearly
  • Miss the bus/boat: to fail to take advantage of an opportunity
  • Mind one’s own business: to pay attention to one’s own affairs and not to interfere in people’s affairs
  • Midsummer madness: extreme folly
  • Meet somebody halfway: to make a compromise with somebody
  • Mark time: to pass the time while you wait for something more interesting
  • Make up one’s mind: to decide
  • Make the most of: to take full advantage of
  • Make the best of it / a bad job / a bad bargain: to try fully to turn failure into success
  • Make one’s mark: to make a strong impression

Idioms for Students with Meaning – Infographics

list of idioms for students list of idioms for students

  • Make neither head nor tail: to be completely unable to understand something
  • Make light of something: to treat something as trivial
  • Make headway: to make progress in spite of difficulties
  • Make good: to become successful and rich after being poor
  • Make fun of: to mock at
  • Make both ends meet: to live within one’s income
  • Make amends for: to compensate
  • Make a mountain out of a molehill: to treat a minor as a large one
  • Make a clean breast of something: to confess something
  • Maiden voyage: first sea journey
  • Maiden speech: first speech
  • Lose sight of: to stop being able to see
  • Lose one’s head: to become unable to behave sensibly
  • Lose one’s temper: to show anger
  • Lose heart: to become disappointed

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Idioms for Elementary students – Infographics

idioms for students

  • Lose ground: to lose one’s advantage
  • Look sharp: to be quick, to hurry
  • Look ahead: to think about future
  • Long and short of sth: story, in a few words
  • Lock, stock, and barrel: completely
  • Live in a fool’s Paradise: to be in a happy state for foolish reasons
  • Live from hand to mouth: to live by spending all that you earn
  • Live by one’s wits: to get money by clever means
  • Lion’s share: the largest share
  • Let the grass grow under one’s feet: to delay or waste time
  • Let the cat out of the bag: to let a secret become known unintentional
  • Let sleeping dogs lie: avoid troubles
  • Lend an ear: to listen in a sympathetic way to sb
  • Leave no stone unturned: to try every possible means
  • Leave in the lurch: leave in a crisis
  • Lead someone by the nose: to make a person do whatever one wants
  • Lead somebody astray: to encourage someone to do immoral things

Idioms for students (Esl and Elementry) – Infographics

idioms for students with meaning idioms for students pdf

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