50 Useful Conversational Idioms in English PDF

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50 Useful Conversational Idioms in English PDF! Learn a very useful list of 50 common conversational idioms with infographics and PDF.

What are Conversational Idioms in English?

Conversational idioms are those idioms that are most common idioms. Conversational idioms are those idioms that are used in our daily conversation. Conversational idioms are very interesting things to learn and use. Let’s deep dive into 50 powerful conversational idioms.

Must Learn: List of Idioms with Meaning and Sentences

List of Conversational Idioms in English

Below is the list of 50 Conversational idioms with meaning:

  • Once in a blue moon: very rarely
  • A brainwave: a sudden good idea
  • A close shave/call: a situation in which you only just manage to avoid an accident
  • A close-fisted man: a miserly man
  • A cock and bull story: a silly story or excuse
  • A dead letter: a law or idea which is no longer effective
  • A dog in the manger: selfish
  • A dog’s life: disgraceful life
  • A fairy tale: a story for children
  • A feather in one’s cap: an achievement that makes you feel pleased and satisfied
  • A fish out of water: feeling uncomfortable
  • A Gala Day: A celebration day
  • A jailbird: someone who has spent a lot of time in prison
  • A green room: a room where actors relax
  • A hard/bitter pill to swallow: something very unpleasant that you have to accept
  • A house of cards: something that is likely to fall down
  • A Jack of all trades: someone who can do many types of work, but who often is not often skilled at any of them.

List of Idioms with Meaning – Infographic

Conversational Idioms pdf

  • A jailbird: a prisoner
  • A leap/shot in the dark: to do something without knowing its results
  • A man of his word: someone who keeps his promises
  • A man of iron will: strong will person
  • A man of letters: a learned man
  • A man of parts: a man who can do many things
  • A man of straw: a mere puppet, an unimportant man
  • A man/woman after one’s own heart: a man with similar taste to mine
  • A mare’s nest: a discovery of no value
  • A narrow escape: just to be safe from danger
  • A near miss: a situation in which an accident is barely avoided

List of Conversational Idioms – Infographics

list of Conversational Idioms

  • A necessary evil: something bad that you have to accept to get what you want
  • A passing fancy: one that does not last long
  • A rolling stone: the person who keeps changing his views
  • A rope of sand: illusory or deceptive security
  • A Sight for sore eyes: a pleasant and refreshing sight / a most welcome sight
  • A Snake in the grass: a person who cannot be trusted
  • A split second: an extremely short period of time
  • A square meal: a good satisfying meal
  • A square peg in a round hole: someone or something that does not suit the position or situation they are in.

Conversation Idioms in English – Infographic

Conversational Idioms in english

  • A stroke of luck: something lucky that happens to you by chance
  • A white elephant: something costly to maintain
  • A White lie: a harmless or small lie
  • A wild goose chase: an attempt to find something impossible
  • A wolf in sheep’s clothing: a person who seems to be friendly or harmless but is really an enemy
  • Again every day/week/year: for a long time

list of Conversational Idioms

  • An open book: something clear
  • In order to: with the purpose of
  • An order to: with the purpose of
  • An uphill task: a very difficult task
  • As a matter of fact: actually
  • As cool as a cucumber: very calm
  • At a loss: to be confused

Idioms for Conversation – Infographics

Conversational Idioms


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