50+ List of Idioms with Meaning and Examples PDF

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What are Idioms in English?

Idioms exist in every language. An idiom is an expression that has a different meaning and nature instead of common words. An idiom is a language, dialect, or style of speaking peculiar to a people. The idiom is an expression, that has a totally different meaning from the usual meaning of the constituents elements.

List of Idioms with Meaning and Examples

List of Idioms with Meaning and Examples

Below is the list of idioms with meaning and examples:

  • Your own flesh and blood: someone who is a part of your family: A cruel person has no affection even for his own flesh and blood.
  • Turn over a new leaf: adopt a different lifestyle, start in a different way: After his failure, he turned over a new leaf and began to work hard.
  • Ups and downs: times of good and bad luck: All people have their ups and downs.
  • Wet blanket: someone who spoils other people’s enjoyment: As he is a wet blanket, he is not invited to the parties.
  • Turn coat: a man who very often changes his course of action: Do not trust him as he is a turncoat.
  • Turn one’s back upon: get away from something or someone, avoid something: Do not turn your back upon him.

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List of Idioms with Meaning and Examples

  • To the extent of: up to a certain limit: He insulted her to the extent that she slapped him.
  • With a high head: proudly: He is a proud man and always walks with a high head.
  • To and fro: backward and forward: He kept walking to and fro in confusion.
  • Up-to-date: latest: He published an up-to-date edition of the book
  • Time and again: again and again: He requested me time and again to lend him some money.
  • Throw dust in someone’s eyes: to deceive someone: He robbed me of my money by throwing dust in my eyes.
  • To stop short of: to suddenly stop from doing something: He stopped short of calling his master cruel.
  • Throw light on: explain: He threw light on the whole plan.
  • Tit for tat: a blow for blow: He tore my shirt, so I Put ink on his suit. That is tit for tat.
  • With might and main: with all power and strength: He tried to lift the stone with might and main but in vain.
  • Turn tail: to run away from difficulty: He turned tail when he saw a big snake.
  • Ways and means: materials available for doing something: He uses all the ways and means of getting money.

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List of Idioms with Meaning and Examples

  • With a view to: with the intention of: He went there with a view to seeing her.
  • Turn the tables on somebody: to reverse a situation completely: He will turn the tables on you one day, and he will be the boss.
  • To lick the dust/to bite the dust: to die, fail, or be defeated: His plan to win the race bit the dust.
  • To keep one’s word: to fulfill one’s promise: I said I would meet the deadline, and I kept my word.
  • Win/gain one’s laurels: gain fame and honor: I you work hard you will win your laurels.
  • Worth one’s salt / true to one’s salt: deserving the pay that one gets: If you do not do your job properly, you are not worth your salt.
  • Without fail: with certainty: John visits his mother every day without fail.
  • To have the gift of the gab: to have the ability to speak confidently: Our leader is getting popular as he has the gift of the gab.
  • Turn a deaf ear to: to ignore: refuse to listen)
  • To hit the mark: to succeed in an attempt to do something: She finally hit the mark by getting the job of the manager in the firm.
  • Vain of: proud a: She is vain of her beauty.
  • Through thick and thin: in spite of all difficulties: She remained loyal to her husband through thick and thin.
  • Under a cloud: under suspicion: Someone stole some money at work, and now everyone is under a cloud of suspicion.
  • Turn somebody’s head: to make someone feel proud: Success has not turned her head, she is still as humble as before.
  • Through and through: completely: Take his story with a grain of salt as he is a liar through and through.
  • Turn Turtle: turn upside down: The boat turned turtle in the mid of the river.
  • Within a stone’s throw: at a short distance: The hospital is within a stones throw from here.
  • Under cover: secretly: The plan for the escape was made under cover.
  • Wear and tear: minor damage from frequent use: The sofa shows a lot of wear and tear
  • The sum and substance: main idea: The sum and substance of the whole story is that Gloucester was banished.

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List of Idioms

  • With open arms: in a very friendly way: They welcomed their guests with open arms.
  • With one’s eyes open: to be especially alert: They went into the deal with their eyes open.
  • Up to the mark: of an acceptable standard: This book is really up to the mark.
  • Time and tide: no wait: Time and tide wait for none.
  • To err is human: to make mistakes is human nature: To err is human, to forgive is divine.
  • To rain cats and dogs / To rain buckets: rain heavily: We cannot go out as it is raining cats and dogs.
  • Wash one’s hands of sth or sb: to get rid of by: We should wash our hands of the selfish friends.
  • Tooth and nail: with full force: We will fight tooth and nail to defend Pakistan.
  • To work/ perform miracles: to achieve a very good result: You have performed miracles by getting a first in the race.
  • To hit the nail on head: to say or do exactly the right thing: Your analysis really hit the nail on the head.

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List of Idioms with meaning


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