Cannula Plural, What is the plural of Cannula?

Meaning of Cannula is

a thin medical tube inserted into a vein or body cavity to administer medication, drain off fluid.

Singular and Plural of Cannula

Singular Plural
Cannula Cannulas

Cannula as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The cannula was inserted into the patient’s vein.
  2. The surgeon carefully guided the cannula into the artery.
  3. The nurse replaced the old cannula with a new one.
  4. The cannula allowed the medication to be delivered intravenously.
  5. The doctor removed the cannula after the procedure.
  6. The patient felt a slight prick as the cannula was inserted.
  7. The cannula was connected to an IV drip.
  8. The small cannula ensured a precise delivery of the medication.
  9. The cannula was secured in place with adhesive tape.
  10. The nurse disposed of the used cannula in the sharps container.

Cannula as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The surgeon needed several cannulas for the operation.
  2. The nurse prepared multiple cannulas for the patients.
  3. The cannulas were sterilized before use.
  4. The doctor instructed the nurse to insert two cannulas.
  5. The package contained a set of disposable cannulas.
  6. The technician checked the integrity of the cannulas.
  7. The operating room had a supply of different-sized cannulas.
  8. The nurse disposed of the used cannulas safely.
  9. The surgeon requested additional cannulas during the surgery.
  10. The pharmacy stocked various types of cannulas.

Singular Possessive of Cannula: 

The singular possessive form of “Cannula” is “Cannula’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Cannula:

  1. The cannula’s needle was sharp and thin.
  2. The doctor inserted the cannula’s tube into the vein.
  3. The nurse removed the cannula’s protective cap.
  4. The patient’s blood flowed through the cannula’s tube.
  5. The surgeon held the cannula’s handle with care.
  6. The cannula’s tip was sterilized before use.
  7. The fluid dripped through the cannula’s opening.
  8. The nurse adjusted the position of the cannula’s tube.
  9. The patient felt a slight prick from the cannula’s needle.
  10. The cannula’s flexibility allowed for easy movement.

Plural Possessive of Cannula: 

The plural possessive form of “Cannula” is “Cannulas'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Cannula:

  1. The nurse disposed of the used cannulas’ needles.
  2. The surgeon connected the patients’ cannulas’ tubes.
  3. The cannulas’ tips were covered with sterile caps.
  4. The patients’ blood samples were collected through the cannulas’ tubes.
  5. The medical team sterilized the cannulas’ handles.
  6. The cannulas’ openings were carefully cleaned.
  7. The nurses removed the patients’ cannulas’ adhesive tape.
  8. The doctor assessed the positions of the cannulas’ tubes.
  9. The patients’ comfort depended on the cannulas’ insertion.
  10. The cannulas’ flexibility allowed for smooth movement.

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