Bureau Plural, What is the plural of Bureau?

Meaning of Bureau is

an office or department for transacting particular business.

Singular and Plural of Bureau

Singular Plural
Bureau Bureaus

Bureau as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The antique bureau had intricate carvings.
  2. She kept her stationery organized in the bureau.
  3. The bureau was made of solid mahogany.
  4. The bureau had several drawers for storage.
  5. The bureau was handed down through generations.
  6. The bureau had a secret compartment for valuables.
  7. The bureau added an elegant touch to the room.
  8. She placed a vase of flowers on the bureau.
  9. The bureau had a polished surface.
  10. The old-fashioned bureau was a family heirloom.

Bureau as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The office had several antique bureaus.
  2. The bureaus were filled with important documents.
  3. The executives sat behind large wooden bureaus.
  4. The department stores displayed various types of bureaus.
  5. The antique shop had a collection of vintage bureaus.
  6. The hotel rooms were equipped with stylish bureaus.
  7. The bureaus provided ample storage space.
  8. She arranged her books on the shelves of the bureaus.
  9. The government offices had rows of spacious bureaus.
  10. The conference room had a long table with multiple bureaus.

Singular Possessive of Bureau

The singular possessive form of “Bureau” is “Bureau’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Bureau:

  1. The bureau’s drawers were neatly organized.
  2. The document was on the bureau’s polished surface.
  3. The detective found a clue in the bureau’s secret compartment.
  4. The keys were kept in the bureau’s top drawer.
  5. Bureau’s design blended well with the room’s decor.
  6. The antique bureau’s craftsmanship impressed the visitors.
  7. The lamp illuminated the bureau’s workspace.
  8. The homeowner displayed family photos on the bureau’s shelves.
  9. The secretary stored important files in the bureau’s filing cabinet.
  10. The writer’s creativity flowed from the bureau’s inspiration.

Plural Possessive of Bureau

The plural possessive form of “Bureau” is “Bureaus'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Bureau:

  1. The bureaus’ responsibilities varied depending on the department.
  2. The bureaus’ collaboration resulted in a successful operation.
  3. The agencies shared information through the bureaus’ databases.
  4. The employees gathered in the bureaus’ conference room.
  5. Bureaus’ policies aimed to protect consumer rights.
  6. The government reviewed the bureaus’ annual reports.
  7. The detectives coordinated their efforts through the bureaus’ communication channels.
  8. The meeting discussed the bureaus’ budget allocations.
  9. The media covered the bureaus’ joint press conference.
  10. The director emphasized the importance of the bureaus’ teamwork.

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