Tongs Plural, What is the Plural of Tongs?

Meaning: an instrument with two movable arms, use to pick things

Singular and Plural of Tongs

Singular Plural
tongs tongs

Tongs as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The tongs is used to grip hot objects.
  2. Please pass me the tongs to flip the steak.
  3. The chef held the tongs firmly in his hand.
  4. I need a pair of tongs to pick up the coal.
  5. The metal tongs were coated with a non-stick material.
  6. He dropped the tongs and burned his hand.
  7. The long-handled tongs reached the back of the grill.
  8. The barbecue master skillfully handled the tongs.
  9. She used the tongs to extract the toast from the toaster.
  10. The scissor-like tongs were perfect for salad tossing.

Tongs as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The tongs are essential tools in the kitchen.
  2. These tongs are used for grilling vegetables.
  3. The chef’s collection of tongs was impressive.
  4. We need to buy new tongs for the barbecue.
  5. The set of stainless steel tongs came in different sizes.
  6. He stored the tongs in a drawer next to the oven.
  7. The metal tongs were durable and easy to clean.
  8. The grill master grabbed the tongs and flipped the burgers.
  9. The serving tray was accompanied by a pair of tongs.
  10. She handed me the salad bowl and the tongs.

Singular Possessive of Tongs

The singular possessive form of “Tongs” is “Tongs’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Tongs:

  1. The grip of the tongs’s handles was comfortable and secure.
  2. The chef used the tongs’s to flip the steak on the grill.
  3. The scorch marks on the tongs’s surface revealed frequent use.
  4. The length of the tongs’s arms provided a safe distance from heat.
  5. The baker held the tongs’s to retrieve the freshly baked bread.
  6. The host handed the salad bowl using the tongs’s for serving.
  7. The chef’s collection included a variety of tongs’s for different purposes.
  8. The barbecue enthusiast showcased the tongs’s durability during cooking.
  9. The sushi chef skillfully used the tongs’s to arrange delicate ingredients.
  10. The caterer’s toolbox contained the essential tongs’s for food preparation.

Plural Possessive of Tongs

The plural possessive form of “Tongs” is “Tongs'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Tongs:

  1. All of the tongs’ grips were insulated for heat protection.
  2. The kitchen displayed a range of tongs’ sizes and styles.
  3. The grill master’s tools included the tongs’ for easy handling.
  4. The restaurant’s chef relied on the tongs’ versatility in the kitchen.
  5. The baker’s shelves held an assortment of tongs’ for baking needs.
  6. The caterer’s collection of tongs’ ensured efficient food service.
  7. The barbecue competition showcased the contestants’ tongs’ skills.
  8. The kitchen staff appreciated the tongs’ reliability and durability.
  9. The culinary school taught proper usage of the tongs’ in food preparation.
  10. The grill station required multiple pairs of tongs’ for simultaneous cooking.

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