Boy Plural, What is the plural of Boy?

Meaning of Boy is

a male child or youth.

Singular and Plural of Boy

Singular Plural
Boy Boys

Boy as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The little boy played with his toy car.
  2. The boy ran across the field chasing a soccer ball.
  3. She read a bedtime story to the sleepy boy.
  4. The boy smiled as he received his birthday present.
  5. The boy was excited to start his first day of school.
  6. The boy held his mother’s hand as they crossed the street.
  7. The boy giggled as he blew bubbles with the soap.
  8. The boy dreamed of becoming a firefighter when he grew up.
  9. The boy helped his father fix the broken bicycle.
  10. The boy waved goodbye to his friends as they left.

Boy as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The group of boys played soccer in the park.
  2. The teacher divided the class into teams of boys and girls.
  3. The school bus dropped off the group of boys at their homes.
  4. The team of boys worked together to build a model airplane.
  5. The boys cheered loudly when their team scored a goal.
  6. The parents watched proudly as their boys performed in the play.
  7. The group of young boys explored the forest during their camping trip.
  8. The boys lined up for the school assembly in the gymnasium.
  9. The soccer coach trained the group of talented boys.
  10. The group of mischievous boys caused a commotion in the classroom.

Singular Possessive of Boy

The singular possessive form of “Boy” is “Boy’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Boy:

  1. The boy’s hat was left behind at the park.
  2. The teacher commended the boy’s progress in academics.
  3. The boy’s excitement was evident in his wide smile.
  4. The boy’s parents were proud of his achievements.
  5. The boy’s curiosity led him to explore new places.
  6. The teacher discussed the boy’s behavior with his parents.
  7. The boy’s backpack contained his school supplies.
  8. The boy’s determination to succeed was admirable.
  9. The teacher praised the boy’s artistic skills in drawing.
  10. The boy’s enthusiasm brightened the classroom atmosphere.

Plural Possessive of Boy

The plural possessive form of “Boy” is “Boys'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Boy:

  1. The boys’ laughter echoed through the playground.
  2. The teachers acknowledged the boys’ participation in sports.
  3. The parents admired the boys’ teamwork during the game.
  4. The boys’ curiosity led them to explore different hobbies.
  5. The teachers discussed the boys’ academic progress with their parents.
  6. The boys’ backpacks contained their books and supplies.
  7. The boys’ enthusiasm for learning was infectious.
  8. The boys’ dedication to practice paid off in the competition.
  9. The teachers encouraged the boys’ creativity in their projects.
  10. The boys’ friendship strengthened through shared experiences.

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