Ellipsis Plural, What is the Plural of Ellipsis?

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Meaning: the omission from speech or writing of a word or words.

Plural of Ellipsis

Singular Plural
Ellipsis Ellipses


  • echoism
  • device
  • conceit
  • comparison
  • bathos
  • asyndeton
  • apostrophe
  • aposiopesis
  • antithesis

Ellipsis as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The ellipsis indicates an omission in the sentence.
  2. The use of an ellipsis creates suspense in writing.
  3. The writer skillfully employed an ellipsis to build tension.
  4. The ellipsis can be used for stylistic purposes in literature.
  5. The reader’s imagination fills in the gaps left by the ellipsis.
  6. The ellipsis represents a pause or a trailing off of thought.
  7. The use of an ellipsis can create ambiguity in the text.
  8. The speaker used an ellipsis to emphasize a dramatic pause.
  9. The ellipsis is a punctuation mark with multiple uses.
  10. The ellipsis adds a sense of mystery to the narrative.

Ellipsis as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The document contained several ellipses to condense the text.
  2. The writer used multiple ellipses to create a fragmented effect.
  3. The ellipses in the dialogue indicated hesitations and pauses.
  4. The ellipses contributed to the rhythm and flow of the writing.
  5. The reader noticed the clever placement of the ellipses throughout the novel.
  6. The document’s author employed strategic ellipses to engage the reader.
  7. The ellipses conveyed a sense of unspoken emotions in the story.
  8. The use of ellipses indicated a jump in time or change of scene.
  9. The typographic layout featured elegant ellipses within the design.
  10. The playwright’s script included frequent ellipses to convey the characters’ inner thoughts.

Singular Possessive of Ellipsis

The singular possessive form of “Ellipsis” is “Ellipsis’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Ellipsis:

  1. I borrowed Ellipsis’s pen for the presentation.
  2. The book discusses Ellipsis’s role in grammar.
  3. The professor emphasized Ellipsis’s importance in writing.
  4. We admired Ellipsis’s use in the poem.
  5. The writer highlighted Ellipsis’s function in punctuation.
  6. The speaker referred to Ellipsis’s significance in rhetoric.
  7. The student misunderstood Ellipsis’s purpose in the sentence.
  8. The editor revised Ellipsis’s placement in the text.
  9. The linguist studied Ellipsis’s occurrence in conversation.
  10. The grammarian explained Ellipsis’s impact on meaning.

Plural Possessive of Ellipsis

The plural possessive form of “Ellipsis” is “Ellipses'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Ellipsis:

  1. I analyzed the ellipses’ effect on the text.
  2. The presentation included multiple ellipses’ usage.
  3. The professor discussed the role of ellipses’ omission.
  4. We noted the various ellipses’ positions in the document.
  5. The writer employed ellipses’ presence to create suspense.
  6. The speaker emphasized ellipses’ impact on speech patterns.
  7. The students practiced using ellipses’ placement in their writing.
  8. The editor corrected the errors in the ellipses’ arrangement.
  9. The linguist studied the frequency of ellipses’ occurrence.
  10. The grammarian explained the rules of ellipses’ usage.

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