50 Examples of Noun Clauses

50 Examples of Noun Clauses!

50 examples of noun clauses

Below are 50 examples:

  1. who made you cry
  2. who didn’t see what was in the bag
  3. who finds the correct answer first
  4. who crosses that line
  5. who will tell the truth
  6. whoever took my keys
  7. whoever you decide to punish
  8. whoever they appoint their leader
  9. whoever preached against social injustice
  10. whoever encouraged them to disobey his orders
  11. to try to deceive me
  12. to leave her unprotected
  13. to say such things about our soldiers
  14. to refuse to wear the mask
  15. to question her integrity
  16. to address the nation
  17. to go to church
  18. to live all by yourself
  19. to condemn me without asking questions
  20. to find fault with everything he does
  21. to make life difficult for us
  22. to pray
  23. to cry
  24. to cry loudly
  25. to pray noisily
  26. to score an early goal
  27. to take a quick decision
  28. to salute her senior officer
  29. complaining about almost everything
  30. saying it will just disappear like a miracle
  31. criticizing the president unnecessarily
  32. following the crowd
  33. trying to please everybody
  34. telling them your troubles
  35. preaching against his perceived enemies
  36. casting insinuations
  37. scoring the first goal in that match
  38. making life bearable for the poor
  39. living in the city
  40. travelling every day
  41. worrying over absolutely nothing
  42. begging for alms
  43. selling vegetables
  44. constructing residential apartments
  45. living off-grid
  46. listening to the naysayers
  47. finding a well-paying job
  48. why she continues to speak
  49. why nobody went there
  50. why you can’t simply get it
  51. why things keep getting better
  52. why the president appointed her