100 Examples of Noun in Sentences

100 Examples of Noun in Sentences100 Examples of Noun in Sentences

  1. A good dog should be rewarded with a good bone.
  2. Bananas are a favorite banana of the monkey.
  3. A thing of beauty is a source of joy indefinitely.
  4. A living dog is preferable to a lion that has died.
  5. One barking dog sends the entire street into a frenzy.
  6. Music has the power to calm a raging breast.
  7. The monkey sees, the monkey does.
  8. There is a season and a thing for everything.
  9. Love necessitates faith, and faith must be firm.
  10. He wasn’t a particularly attractive person.
  11. A strange person has approached you and requested to see you.
  12. Love isn’t something you can buy in a store.
  13. He was the most apprehensive person in that situation.
  14. A man‘s teeth can be used to dig his grave.
  15. At his won door, every dog is brave.
  16. Is it possible to purchase firearms in the United States?
  17. He enjoys playing table tennis.
  18. Mary Ann Evans used the pen name George Eliot.
  19. A scalded dog considers cold water to be extremely hot.
  20. Mary took a seat in her chair.
  21. A monkey‘s tail is prehensile.
  22. My monkey is not a biter.
  23. Everything has its own time and place.
  24. When love fails, we become acutely aware of all flaws.
  25. Mary appeared out of nowhere in the doorway.
  26. A green banana isn’t ready to eat yet.
  27. He slammed his fist against the table.
  28. With a toot, the car passed.
  29. On the table, he placed a vase of flowers.
  30. In 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered America.
  31. What he said was heard by everyone at the table.
  32. A good teacher is misfortune.
  33. The mayor was decked out in his official office.
  34. Assist the dog in crossing the stile.
  35. The countryside in this area is very rugged.
  36. This town is known for its beautiful architecture.
  37. You should go talk to the teacher about it.
  38. It is said that “home is where the heart is.”
  39. Is there a post office in the vicinity?
  40. At home, he’s a lion, but when he travels, he’s a mouse.
  41. At that price, the car was a steal.
  42. The banana was skinned by the boy.
  43. The car is in excellent condition.
  44. Money is important, but it is not everything.
  45. For vagrants, the town provides shelter and food.
  46. It’s one thing to say something and another to actually do it.
  47. Kind words are the world’s music.
  48. In the tree, the monkey was swinging.
  49. I suggested that we get into my car.
  50. No one can do two things at the same man.
  51. He draped a tablecloth over the square table.
  52. The hotel costs £65 per night per person.
  53. The south side of town is in disarray.
  54. In a large liner, they sailed to America.
  55. He stated that he wished to visit the town.
  56. She has a number of acquaintances in the town.
  57. Last week, John married.
  58. The corps is converging on this town.
  59. Her office is right next door.
  60. The English countryside has always appealed to me.
  61. If you want, we can take a walk into town.
  62. I’m forwarding your call to the appropriate person.
  63. I tripped over a banana peel.
  64. You’re not fit to be a teacher.
  65. The man behind the gun is the one who tells.
  66. Mary is well-liked by the students.
  67. The countryside was ravaged by soldiers in bands.
  68. The baby monkey clung to its mother with all its might.
  69. An old dog is incapable of learning new tricks.
  70. He had a deep affection for the English countryside.
  71. Love is the greatest pleasure in life.
  72. There is a small natural harbor in the town.
  73. Muck and cash are inextricably linked.
  74. Money is a spherical object that rolls away.
  75. There’s nothing quite like being at home.
  76. She was offered an office in the sales department.
  77. A man‘s heart is filled with joy.
  78. In the spring, the countryside is lush and green.
  79. The source of all evil is money.
  80. The man calculated the cost of the car‘s repair.
  81. With her table napkin, she dabbed her mouth.
  82. What is her person like?
  83. I’m not the most punctual person in the world.
  84. Mary and John’s engagement has come to an end.
  85. John has vanished without a trace.
  86. I noticed Mary scurrying about from place to place.
  87. A car accident left her paralyzed.
  88. They attempted to educate the child through music.
  89. Mary was Jim’s first choice for a wife.
  90. It is impossible for a bad thing to die.
  91. Exports of bananas have plummeted by nearly half.
  92. John purchased a new dictionary for Mary.
  93. Money is wise and knows what it is doing.
  94. Our town will soon be served by a railway line.
  95. The home is a woman’s domain.
  96. This music makes me sad every time I hear it.
  97. The monkey can be seen hopping through the trees.
  98. A hungry man will eat anything.
  99. The best teacher is observation.
  100. At the roundabout, the car came to a halt.
  101. Mary is pursuing a career as a technician.
  102. The car collided with/into the lorry.
  103. To liven things up, turn on some music.
  104. Mary‘s red hat helped me recognize her.
  105. I’ve never seen a more beautiful woman than you.
  106. To his valet, no man is a hero.
  107. Half the banana lengthwise.
  108. A person of authority must be the leader.
  109. Like a teacher, like a student.
  110. When he crashed my car, I was furious.